EHOP Homeowners: The Rodriguez Family

Nicolas Rodriguez emigrated from Jalisco and Judith Rodriguez came from a small town outside of Mexico City. Nicholas and Judith met at work in a food packaging company, and they were soon married and started raising a family. The Rodriguezes are a proud family, dedicated to one another and their work. Their three children, Nicolas Jr., Yanira and Yanelly, are affectionate and energetic, excelling in academics and sports at school. To make all this happen, the Rodriguezes work long hours, most times working six days a week, and many times all seven days. The family was renting a cramped, one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood, where their growing children had to remain quiet so as not to disturb other residents. There was no yard for them to play nor was it safe to go outside alone. But with the high prices of real estate in Southern California and without a large downpayment, the Rodriguezes could only dream of owning a home.

In 2002, the Rodriguezes decided to take a life-changing step. They had heard about the EHOP program and decided to buy a home. The Rodriguezes contacted an agent and dutifully followed every step in order to qualify. In November 2002, their dream came true.


Today, the Rodriguezes continue to fill their lives with large family gatherings, soccer games, and school activities. This boisterous family now has a yard to play in and every once in a while, Nicholas Rodriguez Sr. can be found playing soccer in the yard as well. Twelve-year-old Nicholas Jr. was recently approached at a soccer game and was asked to be in a cereal commercial. What are their hopes for the future? The children excel in school and graduate from college. Mrs. Rodriguez is diligently working on improving her English skills.


In Mrs. Rodriguez's words, with the help of God, their agent, and EHOP, they were "able to accomplish the dream that all people desire, to have their own home."