BOS to decide on budget 3/18

BOS to decide on budget 3/18

Tuesday, March 18, is a critical date for Hopkinton in terms of the budget. At their meeting scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m., the Board of Selectmen will most likely vote on whether or not to put an override on the ballot. An override will be required to maintain the current level of town services. Whether or not you support an override, it is critical that you voice your opinion to the Board of Selectmen.

If the Board votes not to opt for an override, the voters in Hopkinton will not have a chance to Save Our Services. The question will not be put to the voters. The Board of Selectmen must hear from voters. Offer the Board of Selectmen some guidance. Let them know what you think. E-mail them today.

Muriel Kramer, Chair:
Mary Pratt, Vice Chair:
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Tony Troiano

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