Spotlight on Town Growth & Development

  • Weekly News Update – 04/24/2022
    Know Your Vote – eHop Spotlight Forum • Main  Street Corridor Project – Weekly Update • TOWN ELECTION 2022 – CANDIDATES & BALLOT QUESTIONS • TOWN MEETING LIST OF ARTICLES WITH DETAILS • TOWN MEETING 2022 REFERENCE DOCUMENTS • Main  Street Corridor Project – Weekly 
  • Growth Study Committee Vacancies
    The Planning Board is seeking residents interested in serving on the Growth Study Committee for three (3) at-large positions, apply by July 5. The mission statement of the Growth Study Committee and the anticipated deliverables are detailed below: Mission Statement Hopkinton is endowed with open 
  • Weekly Roundup – 06/02/2019
    Openings on Town Boards & Committees • Chair and Vice Chair selections at Board meetings • Attention All Organizations Who Wish to Participate in Hopkinton Family Day • Annual Water Quality Report • Leaning Utility Pole • Hopkinton is the 2nd Fastest Growing Town Hopkinton’s annual water quality report 
  • Recap of eHop’s Spotlight Forum on Town Growth & Development
    On March 22, 2018 eHop hosted a public forum on Town Growth and Development attended by a standing room only crowd.  The forum provided a high-level snapshot of Hopkinton’s dramatic population growth, the impact on our budget and services, and information on how residents can 
  • How to Stay Informed & Engaged with Town Government
    Who Shapes Land Use and Development Mass General Laws: Wetlands Protection Act Subdivision Control Community Preservation Act Open Space Preservation Fund Annual Town Election – Vote on: Selectmen Planning Board School Committee Annual Town Meeting – Vote on: General Bylaw changes Zoning Bylaw changes Usage 
  • Town Growth & Development Forum Resources
    Hopkinton Master Documents: Hopkinton Master Plan Open Space & Recreation Plan Town Bylaws Town Zoning Bylaws Town Charter Town Annual Reports About Boards and Committees that Shape Land Use: Check out the eHop “Did You Know?” series for information on Town boards and committees, including: 
  • Preview of eHop Spotlight on Town Growth & Development
    New Date: Thursday, March 22 at 7:00 PM Hopkinton Center for the Arts, 98 Hayden Rowe St. Join us for a public forum on Town Growth and Development on Thursday 3/22. The forum will provide a unique opportunity for residents and town leaders to listen 
  • Spotlight on Town Growth & Development
    New Date: Thursday, March 22 at 7:00 pm Hopkinton Center for the Arts eHop will hold a public forum on Town Growth and Development on Thursday, March 22 at 7 pm at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts. The forum will provide a unique opportunity for