Zoning Advisory Committee – Did You Know?

Zoning Advisory Committee – Did You Know?

The Zoning Advisory Committee is appointed by the Planning Board every year, typically in September. The purpose of the ZAC is to review and develop proposals for zoning bylaw and zoning map amendments, and to make recommendations to the Planning Board in preparation for Annual Town Meeting. The looks for residents committed to addressing various zoning related topics in depth, and committed to attending regular evening meetings year round. All appointees must be a resident of Hopkinton.

Committee Size:  9 full members and up to 5 non-voting associate members

Meeting Schedule: Typically two Mondays per month

Term Length: 1-2 years depending on the position

  • Five (5) at-large members to serve a two-year term
  • One (1) member from the Chamber of Commerce to serve a one-year term
  • One (1) member from the Conservation Commission to serve a one-year term
  • One (1) member from the Board of Appeals to serve a one-year term
  • One (1) member from the Planning Board to serve a one-year term
  • The Planning Board may also appoint up to five (5) non-voting associate members to serve a one-year term.

The Planning Board is looking forward to appointing an energized and diverse field of applicants that may be new to government or new to Hopkinton and also those with deep ties to the community, as well as those representing varied parts of Town and different demographic constituency groups.

Examples of previous zoning bylaw changes have included:

  • Dog Day Care Facility & Animal Shelter regulations
  • Addition of a Hotel overlay district
  • Sign bylaw changes
  • Repeal of senior housing bylaw


John Gelcich, Principal Planner, Land Use Department

How to Get on the Zoning Advisory Committee:

Apply online in August/September for annual openings: http://www.hopkintonma.gov/home/about/hug

Updated 11/3/21