Spotlight on Water & the Drought

  • Weekly News Update – 04/24/2022
    Know Your Vote – eHop Spotlight Forum • Main  Street Corridor Project – Weekly Update • TOWN ELECTION 2022 – CANDIDATES & BALLOT QUESTIONS • TOWN MEETING LIST OF ARTICLES WITH DETAILS • TOWN MEETING 2022 REFERENCE DOCUMENTS • Main  Street Corridor Project – Weekly 
  • New Water Advisory Issued & Water Tower Construction Progress
    The Hopkinton Water Department issued a new advisory to residents on October 6. Please be advised that after a “Normal” Spring, which brought regular rainfall, our area has once again seen abnormally low rainfall and recharge since late July. Levels at the Hopkinton reservoir continue 
  • Spotlight on Water Updates
    Please be advised that the water department has stopped the refill process and allowed the smaller water tank on Grove St. to drain in preparation for demolition this summer.  As a result, we will be losing 320,000 gallons of storage at a time when demand 
  • Water Ban Ends, Drought Continues
    The Hopkinton Director of Public Works ended the Mandatory State of Water Supply Conservation (water ban) on January 19, 2017, for all customers connected to the municipal water system. He said that this action was the result of the recent change in drought status to our 
  • Overview of the eHop Spotlight on Water
    Thank you to Director of Public Works, John Westerling and Board of Health Director, Ed Wirtanen for being panelists at the eHop Spotlight on Water on 10/28, and also a shout out to Bittersweet owner, Hope Hellberg for the use of her beautiful space. Here’s a slideshow of information 
  • What We Learned at the eHop Spotlight on Water
    What We Learned about Public Water Approximately 70% of residents are on municipal water. Our municipal water supply comes from eight wells within Hopkinton.  Depending on the water supply available in our eight wells versus our demand for water, Hopkinton also purchases water from Ashland that 
  • What You Can Do Now About Water
    Water conservation and community action can help protect Hopkinton’s water supply amidst ongoing drought. At Home:  Be a good neighbor. Obey all town water bans whether you are a private well owner or on municipal water. Conserve water (see tips inside brochure). Test your well 
  • As Some Private Wells Run Dry, eHop Holds Public Forum On Water 10/28
    Hopkinton ground water levels are down 4.5’* and residents are feeling the impact.  Amidst continuing extreme drought conditions, eHop has announced that it will hold a public forum titled, eHop’s Spotlight on Water, on Friday, October 28 at 9:45 am – 11 :00 am at 
  • Drought of 2016
    Some recent news articles about the drought: Drought conditions ease slightly By Rob Haneisen, Metrowest Daily News, 10-13-16 Extreme drought unchanged in Massachusetts By Rob Haneisen, Metrowest Daily News, 10-6-16 Hopkinton selectmen hear briefing on drought By Jonathan Phelps, Metrowest Daily News, 9-23-16 
  • Video: Briefing on Drought at Selectmen’s Meeting
    At their September 20 meeting the Hopkinton Selectmen heard a briefing on the drought from the John Westerling, Director of the Public Works and Eric Carty, Water-Sewer Manager.