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Have a question about a town or school budget issue? Please send us a note at and we’ll do our best to answer your question or get more information for you.

eHop Board of Directors 2022-23:

Elyse Mihajloski
, 19 Walcott St, Hopkinton MA 01748,

Vice-President & Communications Director:
Amy Ritterbusch, 54 Grove St, Hopkinton MA 01748,

Cindy Bernardo
, 5 Susan Dr, Hopkinton MA 01748,

Secretary & Newsletter Editor:
Charusmitha Ram, 1 Everett Circle, Hopkinton MA 01748,

Community Outreach:
Tara Sanda, 4 Equestrian Dr, Hopkinton MA 01748,

General Board Members:
Nanda Barker-Hook
Kristy Willadsen

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