A Citizen’s Petition Guide for Hopkinton

A Citizen’s Petition Guide for Hopkinton

What is a citizen’s petition?

A citizen’s petition is a tool available to all residents in the town in order to bring about change to the town by-laws. A petition article is brought to the Town Meeting for discussion and possible action by a resident and registered voter in Hopkinton. A petition article on any topic that requires action by the voters is presented at the Town Meeting by the town’s legislative body. A petition can also be brought to a Special Town meeting, if the issue is of an urgent nature.


when is a citizen’s petition created? What are the first steps to create one?

  • A citizen’s petition is a citizen-led initiative created when there is a specific issue that’s important to a person or a group of people who are looking to solve the issue as a community and layout a long term, scalable solution that will benefit the town as a whole.
  • The person(s) who first identify the issue should first find the committee that can help. For example, it its a zoning issue, the Zoning Advisory Committee can help with solutions. 


Getting Started

Here’s a quick video on how to go about creating a petition:

A guide to Citizens Petition – Part 1: An Introduction


Next Steps: Getting your voice heard and building momentum

  • The next step is to find like-minded individuals who can help strengthen your cause for bringing forth the petition. This can be done through public announcements, using places like the Public library where issues can be discussed, residents can be invited to learn more about the issue and how it might affect them.
  • Public forums and public hearings during town committee meetings are also a way to get your voice heard.

Here’s a quick video on how to get your voice heard and build momentum in preparation for the town meeting:

Guide to Citizens Petition – Part 2: Preparing for Town Meeting 



Stay tuned! 

Reference Material:

Guide for Citizen Petitioners – Getting to and through Town Meeting from the town of Hopkinton (PDF)