Spotlight Forums

eHop’s Spotlight Forums bring Hopkinton residents and town leaders together in a community setting to discuss timely matters that affect all citizens in town.  Organized by residents for residents, Spotlight Forums draw important information and discussions out of Town Hall and into the community and encourage productive, face to face dialogue among all residents, old and new. Launched in the fall of 2016 during an extreme drought, eHop’s first Spotlight focused on Hopkinton’s water sources, systems, and the role that residents can play in conserving water. Since then, we have held three forums on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety, Town Fields, and most recently, Town Growth and Development.  Each forum includes a brief overview of the topic, community comments and questions with a panel of experts, and information on how residents can stay engaged and informed.

Spotlight on Town Growth & Development

March 22, 2018 [Read more…]

Hopkinton Open Space - Protected and Unprotected

Spotlight on Fields & Facilities

November 8, 2017 [Read more…]

Construction of snack and shelter pavilion underway at Fruit Street Athletic Complex

Spotlight on Town Meeting

April 24, 2017 – Our annual “Know Your Vote” show, one week before Town Meeting. [Read more…]

Know Your Vote 2017

Spotlight on Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

February 6, 2017 [Read more…]

Hayden Rowe School Zone at Middle School

Spotlight on Water

October 28, 2016 [Read more…]

Mandatory Water Ban - No Outdoor Use