Conservation Commission – Did You Know?

Conservation Commission – Did You Know?

The Hopkinton Conservation Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Members serve three-year terms expiring on June 30 on a rotating basis. The town usually posts an announcement about upcoming openings in May on the HopNotices board. The commission typically meets two Mondays a month. The commission may choose to schedule site walks as needed, typically on Saturday mornings. Check the town calendar for exact dates, times and locations. The Commission was established to promote and protect Hopkinton’s natural resources, to protect watershed resources, to protect wetland resource areas, to provide permitting review for proposed projects within resource areas, and to coordinate with other town officials and boards on conservation issues that relate to its areas of responsibility.

The Commission is the permitting authority specifically charged with the promotion and development of Hopkinton’s natural resources, and the protection of wetland resource areas. The primary activity of the Commission is the administration of the Wetlands Protection Act (MGL 131, §40) and the Hopkinton Wetlands Protection Bylaw. The Commission also engages in planning, helping to acquire and manage open space, and encouraging and monitoring Conservation and Agricultural Preservation Restrictions.

Contact Information:

Donald MacAdam
Conservation Administrator

Jeff Barnes, Chair 2017-18


How to Get on the Conservation Commission:

Apply online in May-June for annual openings, or anytime during the year for unanticipated vacancies: