Budget and Financial Articles Submitted to Appropriations Committee for Review

Budget and Financial Articles Submitted to Appropriations Committee for Review

Budget and Financial Warrant Articles

On March 15 the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen voted to adopt a town-wide budget. They also voted to take a position on the school and financial warrant articles for the Annual Town Meeting. The Selectmen voted unanimously to endorse Town Manager Norman Khumalo’s $61.1 million budget. Within this budget the Hopkinton Public School district did NOT receive its requested 0.5% increase. It is not yet clear what services and/or staff the School Committee would have to cut from its proposed budget to make the $170,000 reduction called for in the Board of Selectmen’s budget.  Below are the proposed capital articles for Town Meeting, along with the vote by the Board of Selectmen on each article.

The Next Steps in the Budget Process:
The budget has been given to the Appropriations Committee who will now review the budget in detail, hold one or more public hearings and develop recommendations on the budget. Residents will vote on the budget and the financial warrant articles at the annual Town Meeting, which begins Monday, May 3 at 7:00pm.

Upcoming Appropriations Committee Meetings:
All meetings begin at 7:00 pm and are held at Town Hall in the 1st Floor Conference Room. These meetings are NOT televised, but are open to the public.

Monday, March 22 – School Budget to be reviewed at this meeting.
Wednesday, March 24
Monday, March 29
Wednesday, March 31
Monday, April 5
Wednesday, April 7
Monday, April 12
Wednesday, April 14
Wednesday, April 21
Monday, April 26
Wednesday, April 28

Article / Sponsor BoS Recommendation Amount
#12 Loader with Plow / BoS/TM Not Recommended $132,000
#12 Senior Center Parking / BoS/TM Recommended $161,000
#12 ADA Compliance / SC/BoS Recommended $101,000
#12 two police cruisers / BoS/TM Recommended $60,500
#13 Cedar Street Snow Dump improvements / DPW Not Recommended $120,000
#14 Water Meters / DPW Recommended – Paid for by Water Enterprise Fund $220,000
#15 Service Truck / DPW Not Recommended $42,000
#16 Downtown Design Enhancements / DPW No vote taken 3/15/10 $400,000
#17 Water Main / DPW No vote taken 3/15/10 $700,000
#18 Traffic Beacon at Main St/Church St / DPW/DRC Recommended $15,000
#19 Town Well Imrovements / DPW Recommended – Paid for by Water Enterprise Fund $25,000
#20 Thermal Imaging Camera / Fire Chief Not Recommended $14,291
#21 Class “A” Fire Engine / Fire Chief Recommended $510,000
#22 New Service Vehicle / Fire Chief Not Recommended $37,841
#23 Eight portable radios / Fire Chief Recommended $19,960
#24 Restoration of Damaged School Property / School Committee Recommended – Already paid by insurance $52,690
#25 Repair or replace Elmwood School Boiler / School Committee Recommended – Leftover money already borrowed for Center School boiler to be used $145,000
#26 Repair HS Loop Road / School Committee Not Recommended $227,000