Your 2nd Vote Still Counts – Vote Today

Your 2nd Vote Still Counts – Vote Today

Although the New School failed at Town Meeting last week, if the vote passes by a simple majority today we may get a second chance from the MSBA to keep the grant and vote again at the Annual Hopkinton Town Meeting in May. Please let your vote be heard. Voting at the polls only takes a minute.

VOTE #2 Special Town Election – TODAY
Monday, March 28
Polls Open 7am – 8pm
Middle School Gym

What’s Happening?

Why Make the Change?

  • Center School must be replaced.  It poses health and safety issues and struggles to meet the academic needs of our children due to failing infrastructure, space limitations, and ongoing deterioration.
  • This grant opportunity allows us to accomplish both our educational and financial goals increasing the efficiency and efficacy of the delivery of education.  

Who Supports the Project?

Why Now?

  • We need to vote now to receive a $14 Million grant from the Massachusetts School Building Authority in accordance with the Project Funding Agreement between Hopkinton and the MSBA.
  • Delay will only cost more. Interest rates are low – construction costs are low.

Get the Facts and Vote!