May Annual Town Meeting Warrant Closed

May Annual Town Meeting Warrant Closed

Last Tuesday, the Board of Selectmen finalized the agenda (aka warrant) for Annual Town Meeting, which begins on Monday, May 2 at 7:00pm. Please save the date to attend the Annual Town Meeting and come vote on important issues that shape our town. All articles in connection with the proposed new K-5 School on Fruit Street were removed at the School Committee’s request due to the failed vote. A group of citizen petitioners who had previously submitted three non-binding warrant articles and ballot questions regarding alternate grade configurations for a new school have requested that the three articles be removed from the warrant and ballot. The questions were removed from the ballot, but it was too late for them to be removed from the warrant. It is expected that they will be withdrawn on the floor of Town Meeting. Citizens who had originally submitted the three petitions were Glen Layton, Christian Ollenborger, Wendy Ollenborger, James Hoyt, Carrie Hoyt, Frank Fiore, Meghan Fiore, Kevin Kohrt, Susan McCarthy, Sue Layton, Aimee Graeber, Jane Moran, Amy Hibel, Veda Kerr, Caroline Bolick, Cheryl McIntire and Joanna DeMartino.

There are two articles regarding the Hopkinton Public Library on the May Town Warrant:

  • Article #53 Approve schematic design recommended by Permanent Building Committee
  • Article #49 Approve request for zoning change of 13 Main and 9 Church Streets from Residential A to Downtown business district

Both are NO COST votes. The link to the Library Expansion Project website is

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