Town Meeting Results So Far – Articles #1-12

Town Meeting Results So Far – Articles #1-12

ARTICLE 1: Acceptance of Town Reports. PASSED Clear Majority

ARTICLE 2: FY 2011 Supplemental Appropriations. NO ACTION Clear Majority

ARTICLE 3: FY 2011 Budget Transfers. NO ACTION Unanimous

ARTICLE 4: Unpaid Bills from Previous Fiscal Years. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 5: Amend the Salary of an Elected Official – Town Clerk $63,793. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 6: Establish Parks & Recreation Enterprise Fund. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 7: FY 2012 Operating Budget $29,686,116.51 (2 1/2% increase) – Amendment by Joe Regan (37 Front St.) added $7,000 to the budget for a tree warden – Amendment passed after a standing count. Article PASSED Unanimous

– Later in the evening a Motion was made to Reconsider Article 7 Tomorrow Night to include $125,000 from insurance for a temporary DPW barn. Motion to Reconsider PASSED by a Clear 2/3rds Majority –

ARTICLE 8: FY 2012 Operating Budget – School Department $32,957,721. PASSED Clear Majority

ARTICLE 9: FY 2012 Revolving Funds. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 10: Chapter 90 Highway Funds $639,604. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 11: Transfer to Capital Expense Stabilization Fund $28,324. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 12: Transfer to General Stabilization Fund $31,533.80. PASSED Unanimous

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