MSBA Response to Hopkinton Regarding the Failed School Vote

MSBA Response to Hopkinton Regarding the Failed School Vote

In a letter dated June 16, the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) finally responded to Hopkinton regarding whether or not Hopkinton could be kept in the MSBA capital pipeline after the failed vote for a new school in March. You can read the full text of the letter here: To summarize the town is given two options depending on the results of its community outreach.

Option A: A Different Project than the one proposed and reviewed by the MSBA.

  • Submit a new Statement of Interest (like we did originally in 2007).
  • Await a second invitation from the MSBA to begin a feasibility study.
  • Start the process anew with selection of project manager and designer as well as a new feasibility study.
  • The second feasibility study and schematic design would NOT be partially reimbursed by the MSBA as the first feasibility was (approx. 40%), the second time around this portion of the project would be funded FULLY by Hopkinton.

Option B: The Same Project as previously proposed and reviewed by the MSBA.

  • Demonstrate local support and obtain voter approval by March 28, 2012.

What’s Next?
The School Committee just formed a new sub-group, tentatively called “Elementary School Building Problem Identification Committee.” The School Committee members appointed to this sub-group are Nancy Burdick, Troy Mick and Scott Aghababian. Be on the lookout for communications from this sub-group to Hopkinton residents in the coming months as they digest the exit poll data, the MSBA response, the School Committee Communications survey and prepare for a new school year and budget season. We hope there will be many opportunities for the community to give input as they begin working on developing a solution for Center School that the majority of voters will support. As always feel free to contact them (or any other School Committee member) with any questions or comments you may have about the MSBA letter (or any other School Committee matter):
Nancy Burdick
Troy Mick
Scott Aghababian

REMINDER: Don’t forget to fill out the School Committee Communications Survey by Friday, July 22! It only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Exit Poll Link: The data from the March 28 exit poll conducted by the “Ballot Question Committee for Elementary School Options” is available in pdf format on HopkintonPatch: