Important Center School Survey – Last Day

Important Center School Survey – Last Day

Cost? Location? Longer Grade Spans? Districting?
Please Take This Important Survey about Center School – This is your chance to weigh-in on a solution to the Center School problem that the majority of voters will support.

The Educate Hopkinton Board of Directors urges all Hopkinton voters to take this important survey about Center School by tonight’s December 6 deadline.
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Background Information on Conditions at Center School:

  • Value of Center School: The full and fair cash value of Center School is $2,892,500. If we spend more than 30% of the value (30% = $867,750) on repairs and updates to Center School in any given 36-month period full ADA compliance is required. Read more about ADA compliance in the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board regulations at
  • ADA Compliance: Only portions of Center School are fully compliant. To be fully accessible, all Center School bathrooms would need to to have at least one accessible toilet and sink and all of the building’s floors would need to be handicap accessible. Currently the 3rd floor (in the oldest part of the building) is not accessible and there is not room to install an elevator without eliminating or shrinking rooms currently in use. The rooms at Center School are already undersized compared to those at Elmwood and Hopkins. Read the Cubellis Report 2007 ADA Survey of Center School: (Some of the smaller non-compliance items noted in the Cubellis Report have already been taken care of since this report was issued in 2007.)
  • Windows: A study of the existing window conditions at both Center and Elmwood School was done in 2005 by Gale Associates. At that time, it was estimated that the cost to replace the Center School windows would be $787,000. Read the full study at Since Center School is part of the Hopkinton Center Historic District any replacement of windows would have to be reviewed by the Hopkinton Historic District Commission.
  • Gym Floor: Due to water from Hurricane Irene, the Center School gym floor has suffered some serious damage and needs to be replaced. It is not expected to be usable again until late winter/early spring 2012. Children have been having their P.E. classes in the library, cafeteria, outside and in their classrooms so far this year. It is not known yet how much, if any, of the cost will be covered by insurance. Read more from Principal Chris Kennedy at

Information on Longer Grade Spans:

Don’t Forget to Take the Survey – Today is the Last Day!