New Non-Profit Formed to Help Fund Expansion and Improvement of Hopkinton Public Library

New Non-Profit Formed to Help Fund Expansion and Improvement of Hopkinton Public Library

Fundraising to be Kicked Off with a Princess Tea Party on January 22. Read more at

Press Release – January 4, 2012
The Hopkinton Public Library Foundation, Inc. today announced its formation as a new non-profit entity designed to support the Hopkinton Public Library.

Founded in September 2011, the Foundation will spearhead efforts to raise private funds for the expansion and state-of-the-art renovation of Hopkinton Public Library, pending receipt of a Library Construction Grant from the state and final approval from the Town of Hopkinton. Following the expansion, the Foundation will provide ongoing funding for long-term enhancements of the library, such as print and electronic collections and community-responsive programs for children, teens and adults. This expansion and improvement will make Hopkinton Public Library truly the educational and cultural center of Hopkinton, offering all residents enhanced access to information, entertainment and knowledge through materials, programs and cutting-edge technology. In May 2011, Hopkinton Annual Town Meeting approved the proposed plan for renovation and expansion. These plans, and a virtual tour, are available online at

In July 2011, the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) awarded a grant to the Town of Hopkinton for the planned expansion and renovation of the current library building. The MBLC grant of $4.5 million, available as soon as July 2014, will offset the project’s total estimated cost of $10.2 million. The initial purpose of the Foundation is to raise private funding to further defray cost to the town.

To begin its fundraising effort, the Hopkinton Public Library Foundation will host a Mother & Daughter Princess Tea. The event will include live performances by Disney®’s Belle, Cinderella and Rapunzel, and a delicious sundae bar, specialty pastries, tea and light refreshments. The Mother Daughter Princess Tea will be held on Sunday, January 22nd, 2012, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the DoubleTree Inn, Westborough, MA. Tickets are $35 per person and are available by contacting Lindsay McDermott at

The Hopkinton Public Library Foundation is led by a Board of Directors comprised of eight Hopkinton volunteers. Directors are Scott Richardson, John Ferrari, Laura Barry, Ron Eldridge, Katie Davenport, Amy Montalto, Joe Markey and Lindsay McDermott. Ex Officio Board members are Rownak Hussain, Director of Hopkinton Public Library, Christine Clifford, on behalf of the Friends of the Hopkinton Public Library, and Mike McNamara, on behalf of the Hopkinton Public Library Board of Trustees. In addition to the Directors, the Foundation already has recruited the assistance of countless volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about Hopkinton Public Library Foundation, or would like to volunteer, please contact the Foundation at

Hopkinton Public Library Foundation wishes to thank the Friends of the Hopkinton Public Library and the Hopkinton Public Library Board of Trustees for their support and contributions to Hopkinton Public Library Foundation. All three groups play a critical role in supporting the Hopkinton Public Library. The newly formed Hopkinton Public Library Foundation exists to address long-term library funding needs including facility renovations, expansion and resource enhancements. The Friends of the Library is a non-profit, membership organization that generously supports the immediate needs of Hopkinton Public Library through its important activities such as the library books sales and its annual apple crisp sale at PolyArts. Both the Library Foundation and the Friends of the Library provide financial support to enhance, but not replace the Town’s budget. Finally, Hopkinton Public Library Board of Trustees, consisting of five elected members, oversees the public administration and management of Hopkinton Public Library on behalf of the Town. Hopkinton Public Library Foundation looks forward to working with both the Friends of the Library and the Trustees to realize its shared goal of providing Hopkinton residents with a library facility that will better serve all residents, and provide Hopkinton with the educational and cultural center it deserves.