Flamingos are Back in Hopkinton

Flamingos are Back in Hopkinton

They’re back! Under the cover of darkness eHop will once again be herding a flock of 24 friendly flamingos around town. To join in on the fun, send a flock to a friend! Visit our website shop to order or simply email Tara Sanda and she can help you out at tarasanda@educatehopkinton.com.

What are we fundraising for?

We’re glad you asked. Educate Hopkinton’s greatest charge is to get more people to attend Town Meeting and vote on how our tax dollars are spent. Last year our flock earned us two banners that were hung on Town Hall and the Middle School Tennis Courts, yard signs, a donation to Hopkinton’s Tax Relief Fund and sponsorship of one Veterans Breakfast at the Senior Center.

This year we hope to provide Hopkinton with:

  • More signage to raise awareness for Town Meeting
  • A greater donation to the Tax Relief Fund
  • More sponsorships for the Veteran’s Breakfasts at the Senior Center

So have a little fun, send a flock to a friend and support some good causes!

Click here to Flock a Friend!