Limited Edition Marathon Prints

Limited Edition Marathon Prints

HOPKINTON, MA (March 26, 2015) – The 26.2 Foundation in conjunction with the Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee announces the sale of 300 signed, limited edition prints featuring iconic symbols of Hopkinton’s “Marathon Footprint” including the Team Hoyt sculpture, the “Spirit of the Marathon” sculpture, the “Starter” sculpture and the gazebo on the Town

“These prints capture and express the respect, love and admiration the town of Hopkinton has for the Boston Marathon,” said 26.2 Foundation president Michael Neece.

The prints are being produced to benefit the Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee and all proceeds will help to fund the “Light up the Night” fireworks display planned for the evening of September 12, 2015. The prints will be sold in sets of four for a total price of $50.00 and all donations via the 26.2 Foundation are tax deductible.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase these prints,” said 300th Anniversary Committee Chair Jean Bertschmann.

“Three hundred years in Hopkinton’s history only comes around once. We haven’t had fireworks in Hopkinton in over 30 years and we are very appreciative of the 26.2 Foundation’s support to help make this special event a reality.”

The prints were designed and created by Hopkinton resident Maddie Bertschmann, a Markets, Innovation & Design major in the School of Management at Bucknell University. Learning that some of the funding for the 300th celebration had been eliminated due to state budget cuts, Bertschmann donated her time to create the prints in an effort to boost fundraising efforts.

“I’m so excited to be able to contribute to the 300th anniversary celebration,” said Maddie Bertschmann. “It’s really a professional and personal honor for me to design these prints, especially considering I’ve been afforded this opportunity without even having graduated college yet. Aside from my time at Bucknell, I have lived in Hopkinton my entire life, so the town is very much integral to who I am. Having the opportunity to pay homage to the town in my own way is really incredible. Ultimately, I just hope that the prints provide a little reminder to the families whose homes they hang in of the beauty of Hopkinton’s history and community, which is what really makes this town so special.”

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26.2 Foundation
PO Box 820
Hopkinton, MA  01748

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