Proposed Consent Agenda

Proposed Consent Agenda


Dear Town Meeting Voter:

The Consent Agenda is a tool to allow housekeeping items or articles that require “No Action” to be approved with a single vote at the start of Town Meeting. The concept is to allow for more time for the thoughtful debate of other articles. Articles with a “No Action” designation do not pass. We thank you for your consideration of this tool to make Town Meeting an efficient event!

Dr. Bruce Karlin, Town Moderator

If a Town Meeting voter opposes the inclusion of any proposed consent agenda Articles that Article/Motion will be removed from the list and the remaining Motions will be put before Town Meeting for a vote. A brief rationale of each consent agenda Article follows below.

Proposed Articles

  • Article 3: FY 2015 Budget Transfers (NO ACTION)
    • Rationale: There are not any budget transfers. No Action.
  • Article 4: Tercentennial Funds (ACTION)
    • Rationale: The Town is moving $890.92 in between accounts.
  • Article 33: Housekeeping article to move definition of lots in Two or More Res. Districts (ACTION)
    • Rationale: Housekeeping item to clarify zoning.
  • Article 41: Tax Collector Tax Authority (NO ACTION)
    • Rationale: No Action.
  • Article 45: Gift of Easement – 85 West Main Street (ACTION)
    • Rationale: To accept a small easement to create an exclusive Eastbound right turn lane.
  • Article 46: Acquisition of Easement – 91 West Main Street (NO ACTION)
    • Rationale: No Action.
  • Article 49: Grant of Utility Easements (ACTION)
    • Rationale: Housekeeping item. For electricity to the Hopkinton Center for the Arts.
  • Article 50: Gift of Land – Legacy Farms Athletic field (ACTION)
    • Rationale: To enact a condition of the Host Community Agreement.
  • Article 51: Gift of Land – Legacy Farms Municipal Parcel (ACTION)
    • Rationale: To enact a condition of the Host Community Agreement.
  • Article 53: Gift of Easement at 287 Hayden Rowe Street (ACTION)
    • Rationale: Housekeeping item. Drainage easement.
  • Article 54: Street Acceptances (ACTION)
    • Rationale: The Town will accept seven roads as public ways; increased state revenue.
  • Article 55: Ashland-Hopkinton Fire & Emergency Services (NO ACTION)
    • Rationale: No Action.
  • Article 57: Trustees of the School Fund in the Town of Hopkinton (ACTION)
    • Rationale: Appointing Michael Contino and Kathryn Tighe to the Committee.