What you can do now about Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

What you can do now about Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

Spotlight on Traffic and Pedestrian Safety

Be Mindful About Safety & Return to the Basics


  • Be alert and make eye contact
  • Eliminate distractions when in transit (earbuds, phones, food…)

When on foot:

  • Run/walk single file
  • Walk/run against traffic
  • Check both ways for traffic BEFORE entering a crosswalk

When cycling:

  • Bike single file
  • Bike with traffic and obey traffic laws
  • Wear a helmet

When driving:

  • Slow down/leave space between cars
  • Stop at crosswalks & for school buses
  • Alternate turns at difficult intersections
  • Avoid residential shortcuts
  • Carpool and plan trips for efficiency

Be Informed

  • Educate your family on safe pedestrian behavior
  • Talk to friends and neighbors about what you learned
  • Learn more about Massachusetts initiatives
  • Complete Streets
  • Vision Zero
  • WalkBoston
  • Safe Routes to School

Initiate Interim Solutions

  • Notify DPW, Police and other officials if roads, sidewalks, street-lights or other safety measures need repair or improvement.
  • Report traffic violations to the Po-lice.
  • Request police assistance(monitoring, mobile radar display, traffic barrels, other temporary improvements) in problem areas.
  • Raise ideas for improvements via email, phone, forums, and meetings.

Follow Current Initiatives

  • Attend public workshop on Hayden Rowe Corridor Study on
    February 15th, HHS
    Auditorium, 7PM
  • Vote on sidewalk and other traffic & pedestrian safety items at Annual Town Meeting, Monday, May 1st
  • Watch for announcements on Downtown Corridor public forums
  • Follow eHop on social media (@eHop01748) for updates

Track New Development

  • New elementary school
  • Hopkinton Mews on Lumber Street
  • Possible 34-lot subdivision between Chamberlain and Whalen Streets
  • Hopkinton Swim & Tennis Club
  • Possible Saddle Hill Road subdivision
  • Maspenock Woods

Want More Information? Read On!


Federal Highway Administration

Safe Routes to School


Federal Highway Administration


Metrowest Moves (Framingham, Westborough, Northborough, Hudson)


Complete Streets

Vision Zero

Printable Handout eHop Spotlight on Traffic Pedestrian Safety (PDF)