Planning Board Actions Taken 9/23/19

Planning Board Actions Taken 9/23/19

Agenda Items & Actions Taken (unofficial):

  1. Administrative Items
    1. a. Planning Board New Member Introduction and Board Photograph – Photo Taken
    2. b. Open Space Preservation Commission Liaison Appointment
      1. i. Currently Fran DeYoung – Jane Moran appointed
    3. c. Growth Study Committee Alternate Appointments
      1. i. Wilson St. Pierre – appointed
      2. ii. David Wheeler – appointed
    4. d. Discussion of New Sidewalk Survey – not discussed
    5. e. Discussion of Main Street Corridor – discussed that this would be on the Select Board agenda for 9/24/19 at 7:45 PM and a Public Hearing would be held by the Historic District Commission on 10/10/19 at 7:00 PM. Resident may also send comment to MEPA by 10/1/19.
    6. f. HALT participation in future OSLPD discussions/reviews – decided to ask for HALT comments on future OSLPD projects
    7. g. Davenport/Hayden Woods Reseeding of Basin – Discussed & recommended more plantings in the wet areas to discourage mosquitos
    8. h. Legacy Farms Host Community Agreement (Amendment #6) – Discussed the term “Museum Parcel”
    9. i. Approval of Minutes – August 12, 2019; August 26, 2019 – Approved
  2. Legacy Farms North – Traffic Signal – Roy MacDowell/Baystone Development – Request for a six-month extension to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Legacy Farms Road North/South and East Main Street/Route 135. – Granted a 6-month extension
  3. Legacy Farms North – Form K – Request for Lot Release and Restricted Land Covenants – Todd MacDowell/Baystone Development – Signed
  4. Continued Public Hearings – Commercial Photovoltaic Solar Facility (0 Wood Street) – Discussed and continued to 10/7/19 meeting
  5. Continued Public Hearings – Bucklin St. & Leonard St.  Proposal to construct a paper street entitled “Bucklin Street”; Proposal to construct four (4) single-family homes with driveways. – Discussed and continued to 10/7/19 meeting
  6. Continued Public Hearing – 57 Hayden Rowe – Major Site Plan Review – Chesmore Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc. – Approved
  7. Presentation on Cedar Street Proposal – Bruce Issadore, Cedar Street Realty Trust Potential 2- or 3-lot residential development off Cedar Street. – Discussed
  8. Approval Not Required – 37 Fruit Street – Kap Soon Ju – Approved

Business to be considered by the Board at any time during the meeting:

  • Legacy Farms Road/East Main Street Traffic Light Status – Discussed
  • Legacy Farms North Bus Stop Safety Issue – Not discussed
  • Lumber Street/West Main Street improvements – Not discussed
  • Legacy Farms North (Section formerly known as Rafferty Road) – Discussion about disrepair – Not discussed
  • Peloquin Estates – No-cut easements – Not discussed
  • Downtown Corridor discussion – Discussed
  • Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness and Climate Change discussion – Not discussed
  • Affordable housing/payments-in-lieu/off-site units discussion – Not discussed
  • Sidewalks (David Paul) – Not discussed
  • Future agenda items, correspondence – None

Meeting Adjourned at 10:48 PM

Materials for this Meeting:

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