Planning Board Actions Taken 12/16/19

Planning Board Actions Taken 12/16/19

All the public hearings were continued or withdrawn, but there were some administrative items.

  1. Administrative Items:
    a. Approval Not Required Plan – 71 Frankland Road – Approved
    b. Approval Not Required Plan – Stoney Brook Road (Highland Park IV) – Approved
    c. Legacy Farms Form K (Lots A-1-18 and A-1-19) and Restricted Land Covenants – Approved
    d. Legacy Farms Road North Tree Planting Modifications – Discussed
    e. Air Products Chemical Release Event – Eversource release of Ansul into LRN outfall 11/22/19 – Discussed
    f. Whisper Way Conditional Approval Agreement – Discussed
    g. Solar Recommendation – ZAC – Discussed
    h. Minutes of October 28, 2019; November 13, 2019 –  Approved
  2. Continued Public Hearing – Elmwood Farms III – Off Adams Street, Myrtle Avenue, and Fitch Avenue – Continued to 1-27-20
  3. Continued Public Hearings – Bucklin St. & Leonard St. – Continued to 1-27-20
  4. Continued Public Hearing – Maspenock Woods (West Elm Street) – Continued to 1-27-20
  5. Continued Public Hearing – Amendment to Approved NMU Site Plan – 27 Lumber Street/Hopkinton Tennis Club – Crandall-Hicks Company – Continued to 1-27-20

Business to be considered by the Board at any time during the meeting:

  • Legacy Farms Road/East Main Street Traffic Light Status – plans have been submitted, then sent to Beta for peer review, then will go out to bid.
  • Legacy Farms North Bus Stop Safety Issue
  • Lumber Street/West Main Street improvements
  • Legacy Farms North (Section formerly known as Rafferty Road) – Discussion about disrepair
  • Main Street Downtown Corridor discussion
  • Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness and Climate Change discussion
  • Affordable housing/payments-in-lieu/off-site units discussion
  • Future agenda items, correspondence

Materials for this Meeting:

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