Zoning Committee settles on the final approach to the by-law

Zoning Committee settles on the final approach to the by-law
  • ZAC’s goal was to protect neighborhoods as well as the forests and rural habitat. The tree protection bylaw could be a zoning or general bylaw. Based on these primary goals and upon the advice from the town counsel, the committee started to look into a bylaw that would limit clear cutting of trees. This would apply to all industries or any type of land use including solar.    
  • Zoning Bylaws requires a 2/3rds majority vote at Town Meeting while General Bylaws require a simple 1/2+ majority. 
  • After these considerations, the committee began focusing on language changes to the by-law screening criteria and other measures that would better protect abutters and neighboring landowners.
  • Criteria included in the language are added to minimize impact on: 
    • Natural forests, scenic and historic resources
    • Removal of trees and destruction of habitat
    • Area noise, traffic, lighting, dust, fumes, odor 
    • Solar radiation or glare
    • Storm water run-off 


The committee finalized and voted to send it to the Planning Board.  



Video ReferenceView and listen to the proposed language for the by-laws


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