Open Town Positions

Open Town Positions

Seal of the Town of Hopkinton 1715

There are several vacancies on town Boards and Committees.

● ADA Oversight Committee (1 seat)
● Appropriation Committee (1 seat)
● Board of Appeals Associate Member (2 seats)
● Capital Improvement Committee (2 seats)
● Community Preservation Committee At-Large (1 seat)
● Cultural Council (Maximum 26 members)
● Design Review Board (1 seat, Planning Board Appointment)
● Historical Commission (1 seat)
● Lake Maspenock Dam Advisory Group Associate as an Upton, Milford or Lake Association Resident (1 seat)
● Metropolitan Area Planning Council Rep. (1 seat, Hopkinton Representation)
● South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) (1 seat, Hopkinton Representation)
● Sustainable Green Committee At-Large (1 seat)
● Sustainable Green Committee Associate (3 seats)
● Upper Charles Trail Committee (1 seat, Civil Engineering Background)
● Upper Charles Trail Committee Alternate Member (2 seats)
● Woodville Historic District Commission (1 seat)

To apply for a volunteer position, please visit the town website and fill out the online volunteer form at:

Interested parties may also visit the Board of Selectmen’s Office to fill out an application in person.

For more information about a Board or Committee, please visit the committee website and contact the respective Board or Committee Chairperson, or call Jamie Hellen, Operation’s Assistant to the Town Manager’s Office, at 508-497-9700.