With lead gift by Sandra and Kevin Delbridge, 50 Families Contribute $175,000 to the Library Renovation

With lead gift by Sandra and Kevin Delbridge, 50 Families Contribute $175,000 to the Library Renovation


In the first month of the “1000 Homes for Hopkinton Library” Challenge,  50 families, individuals, businesses and organizations have pledged or given $1,000 or more to the Hopkinton Public Library Foundation (HPLF) for the renovation and expansion of Hopkinton Library.   With a generous lead gift of $100,000 by Sandra and Kevin Delbridge, our community has contributed $175,000 toward HPLF’s $1,000,000 goal for 1000 Homes for Hopkinton Library!  These funds will build a state-of-the-art library that honors our past, serves our present, and builds a stronger future for our community.

1000 Homes for Hopkinton Library echoes a challenge by former Hopkinton resident John Quincy Adams in 1893:  If the citizens of Hopkinton raised $10,000 and built a library within two years, he pledged to give $4,000 to fund the building.  Remarkably, with an average gift of little more than $900, fifteen members of the community collectively funded the entire cost of the library – $14,000.  On January 1, 1895, the Hopkinton Public Library at 13 Main Street opened its doors.

Today, almost 120 years later, Hopkinton again has the unique opportunity to ensure that our Library continues to serve our growing community of 15,000 residents for generations to come.  Hopkinton has exciting plans for the renovation and expansion of the Library.  The 22,000 square foot building will be state-of-the-art, accessible, and environmentally friendly; yet maintain the character of the original, historic library.  It will provide space for community gatherings, a technology classroom for adults and students, and spacious, age appropriate Children’s and Young Adult sections.  The total cost of the project is $10.2 million.  Hopkinton has been awarded a $4.5 million state grant that will reduce the Town’s cost of this much-needed renovation and expansion to $5.7 million.    If this grant is funded in 2014, the new library will open in 2017.

To further reduce the Town’s cost, Hopkinton Public Library Foundation is raising funds to offset the Town’s cost through events, partnerships, and most recently has put forth its own challenge – 1000 Homes for Hopkinton Library.  By pledging $1,000, Hopkinton residents will become a part of Hopkinton history, much like those 15 remarkable people who founded Hopkinton Public Library.  With 1000 homes willing to make this gift, together our community can contribute $1,000,000 to further reduce the remaining cost of restoring, renovating and expanding our most inclusive community asset.

Hopkinton Public Library Foundation also held several successful fundraisers throughout 2013. These fundraisers – the 2012 Annual Appeal and other gifts ($10,000), Mother-Daughter Princess Tea ($7,500), 2013 Boston Marathon ($6,000), Pink Pint Night ($14,000), Touch a Truck ($3,000), Hoptoberfest ($18,000), and the Library Heritage Quilt ($6,000) – have collectively raised almost $65,000.   In total, Hopkinton Public Library Foundation has raised $240,000 for the new library in the past year.

About the Hopkinton Public Library Foundation

The Hopkinton Public Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in September 2011. Its mission is to raise private funds to support the restoration, expansion and state-of-the-art renovation of Hopkinton Public Library.  In addition to the $4.5 million grant awarded to the Town of Hopkinton by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC), funds raised by HPLF will defray the Town’s cost of restoring, renovating and expanding the library’s historic building.  In 2011, the MBLC approved Hopkinton’s plan for the renovation and expansion of Hopkinton Public Library and awarded Hopkinton a $4.5 million Library Construction Grant, approximately 45% of the $10.2 million total cost of the library building project.  Hopkinton currently is #4 on the waiting list to receive these state construction funds, which could be awarded to the Town as soon as 2014.  Once completed, Hopkinton Public Library will provide a modern, accessible facility that meets the current and future needs of the community, while preserving and highlighting the architectural features of the beloved original building.  For more information about HPLF’s mission and 1000 Home for Hopkinton Library, please visit the HPLF website at www.hplfinc.org.  Contributions to Hopkinton Public Library Foundation, Inc. can be mailed to P.O. Box 16, Woodville, MA 01784, or made online at www.hplfinc.org.