List of Articles for Town Meeting

List of Articles for Town Meeting


Educate Hopkinton will provide more details and links next weekend, prior to Town Meeting, but for now here are the key documents and the list of articles.


List of Articles:

  1. Acceptance of Town Reports
  2. FY14 Supplement Appropriations
  3. FY14 Budget Transfers
  4. Unpaid Bills from Previous Fiscal Years
  5. Property Tax Exemption Increase
  6. Amend the Salary of an Elected Official
  7. FY15 Operating Budget
  8. Underride
  9. FY15 Revolving Funds
  10. Chapter 90 Highway Funds
  11. Transfer to Capital Expense Stabilization Fund
  12. Transfer to General Stabilization Fund
  13. Other Post Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund
  14. Pay As You Go Capital Expenses
  15. Library Construction
  16. Sidewalk Construction & Rehabilitation Program
  17. Hayden Rowe Traffic Calming
  18. Main Street Fire Roof
  19. International Horton Ambulance
  20. Vactor Truck
  21. Evaluation Studies of School Roof Repairs
  22. School Safety and Security
  23. Board of Assessors Consultant
  24. Community Preservation Receommendations
  25. Farmer’s Market Wine Sampling on Town Common
  26. Downtown Business/Residence A District Boundary Modifications
  27. Downtown Business District Lot Area
  28. Industrial A and Industrial B Districts – frontage
  29. Floodplain District
  30. Repeal Subdivision Phasing Bylaw
  31. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  32. Open Space Mixed Use Development (OSMUD) Overlay District – Hockey Rink
  33. Open Space Mixed Use Development (OSMUD) Overlay District – More dwelling units; senior housing development definition
  34. Neighborhood Overlay Mixed Use District
  35. Sidewalk Easement – East Main Street
  36. Gift of Land – Hunters Ridge Open Space
  37. Gift of Land – 294 Hayden Rowe Street
  38. Acceptance of Easement – Upper Charles Trail
  39. Acquisition of Property at 25 Ash Street
  40. Street Acceptances
  41. Scenic Road Designation – Chamberlain Street
  42. Commissioner of School Trust Funds