Candidate Endorsement Policy

Candidate Endorsement Policy


As we head into election season, Educate Hopkinton would like to remind our readers of our candidate endorsement policy.

The primary mission of Educate Hopkinton (eHop) is community education on funding and policy issues pertaining to the Town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts including the Hopkinton Public Schools. Hence, eHop will strive to provide voters with accurate and detailed information on candidates running for state and local office, with a focus on each candidateā€™s position on both town and school-related issues.

It is eHopĀ policy not to endorse candidates for public office. eHop board members are at liberty, however, to endorse candidates independently.

When eHopĀ collects information from candidates for voter education purposes, eHopĀ may add editorial comments to clarify candidate claims or statements that eHopĀ deems to be deceptive or misleading, or that require further explanation.

In addition, due to eHop policy not to endorse candidates for public office, any endorsements for specific candidates will be deleted from our Facebook page.

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