Ask eHop – What’s a Consent Agenda? What does “No Action” mean?

Ask eHop – What’s a Consent Agenda? What does “No Action” mean?

The Consent Agenda is a tool to allow housekeeping items or articles that require “No Action” to be approved with a single vote at the start of Town Meeting. The concept is to allow for more time for the thoughtful debate of other articles. Articles with a “No Action” designation do not pass. The Town Moderator thanks you for your consideration of this tool to make Town Meeting an efficient event!

If a Town Meeting voter opposes the inclusion of any proposed consent agenda Articles that Article/Motion will be removed from the list and the remaining Motions will be put before Town Meeting for a vote.

Articles on the Consent Agenda 2016:

  • #3 FY 2016 Budget Transfers – No Action
  • #5 Property Tax Exemption Increase (MGL Chapter 59 Section 5 – these exemptions are aimed at helping low-income residents, veterans, the blind, firefighters and police officers killed in the line of duty. Town Meeting votes annually on these exemptions.)  Hopkinton Tax Relief Committee
  • #25 School Bus Parking Lot (Construct gravel parking lot for buses at the proposed new elementary school – results in estimated annual positive impact of $111K ) $320,000 – No Action
  • #27 Artificial Turf Field with Lights – Design & Feasibility $100,000 – No Action
  • #29 Transfer Funds for New Capital Projects – No Action
  • #45 Gift of land – Hilltop Road – No Action
  • #52 Trustees of the School Trust Fund in the Town of Hopkinton – to appoint Jeanne Bernardin (7 Kimball Road) as a Trustee

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