Town Meeting Results Day 2 (unofficial)

Town Meeting Results Day 2 (unofficial)

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  1. School Bus Parking Lot (Construct gravel parking lot for buses at the proposed new elementary school Рresults in estimated annual positive impact of $111K ) $320,000 (A motion for No Action FAILED on Day 1 of Town Meeting.) An alternate motion for $320,000 FAILED on Town Meeting Day 2.


  1. Community Preservation Recommendations – ALL CPC ITEMS PASSED
    1. $20,000 from funds reserved for Historic Preservation to preserve Town records
    2. $2,500 from funds reserved for Open Space for Boundary Markers/Medallions to be acquired and installed on Town owned parcels
    3. $50,000 from Budgeted Reserve Funds to improve the public trail and create a dog park on 192 Hayden Rowe Street (Hughes Property). –¬†Some of the maintenance will fall under the DPW budget and the Parks & Rec Budget. The¬†goal is also to set up a volunteer group of dog owners in town to help with some of the maintenance and to think of fundraising ideas.
    4. $50,000 from funds reserved for Open Space to acquire approximately 6 acres of land located at 0 East Main Street and shown as parcel U12-23-0 on the Assessors Map
    5. $60,000 from funds reserved for Historic Preservation to rehab and restore the McFarland Sanger House
    6. $75,000 from funds reserved for Historic Preservation to rehab and restore the Rte 85 Stone Bridge
    7. $25,000 from Budgeted Reserve Funds to construct a recreational path from Rte 85 to the Stone Bridge
    8. $10,000 from Budgeted Reserve Funds to install fencing around the Claflin Fountain
    9. $50,000 from Budgeted Reserve Funds to install protective netting at the Fruit Street Athletic Complex
    10. $20,000 from Budgeted Reserve Funds to install a boat dock at Sandy Beach


  1. Amend Open Space Mixed Use Development Overlay District to allow “Cultural Uses” by Special Permit in the Residential Subdistrict, for example an International Marathon Center. PASSED
  2. Amend Garden Apartments in Residential Districts and Village Housing in Residential Districts Bylaws PASSED
  3. Repeal Senior Housing Development Bylaw PASSED
  4. Amend Site Plan Review and Open Space and Landscape Preservation Development Bylaws PASSED
  5. Amend Sign Bylaw PASSED
  6. Amend Hotel Overlay District PASSED
  7. Elmwood Park Business District FAILED
  8. Dog Day Care PASSED
  9. Animal Shelters¬†–¬†PASSED


  1. Repeal Sex Offender Residency Requirement –¬†PASSED


  1. Acquisition of Easement ‚Äď 91 West Main Street¬†–¬†PASSED
  2. Acquisition of Easement ‚Äď Leonard Street – ¬†PASSED
  3. Gift of Land ‚Äď Connelly Hill Estates –¬†PASSED
  4. Gift of land ‚Äď Hilltop Road – NO ACTION voted on the ¬†Consent Agenda
  5. Gift of land ‚Äď Legacy Farms Recreation Parcel –¬†PASSED
  6. Street Acceptance – PASSED
    • Connelly Hill Road, from Smith Road to Bowker Road
    • Valleywood Road, from Erika Drive to dead end
    • Carol Ann Drive, from West Elm Street to dead end
    • Kerry Lane, from¬†Eastview Road to dead end
    • Nancy Lane, from Teresa Road to dead end
  7. Street Discontinuance PASSED
    • “Frankland Road” from its intersection with East Main Street to its intersection with Legacy Farms Road
    • The entirety of the private way known as ‚ÄúPeach Street‚ÄĚ
  8. Disposition of Property –¬†the discontinued portions of Frankland Road and Peach Street. – NO ACTION


  1. Solar Tax Agreements –¬†to authorize the Board of Selectmen to negotiate a Tax Agreement for payments-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT Agreement)¬†with the owner(s) of a solar photovoltaic facility on East Main Street. – PASSED
  2. Town Clerk Рto change the position of Town Clerk from elected to appointed (hired). FAILED (Voted on Day 1 after Article 7)
  3. Trustees of the School Trust Fund in the Town of Hopkinton Рto appoint Jeanne Bernardin (7 Kimball Road) as a Trustee РPASSED in the Consent Agenda on Day 1

Meeting Adjourned at 10:08 PM.