Flamingos are Back in Hopkinton

Flamingos are Back in Hopkinton


They’re back! Under the cover of darkness eHop will once again be herding a flock of 24 friendly flamingos around town. To join in on the fun, send a flock to a friend! Visit our website shop to order {Sorry! The 2017 flocking season is now over.} or simply email Tara Sanda and she can help you out at tarasanda@ehop.org.

What are we fundraising for?

We’re glad you asked. eHop’s mission is to provide timely and factual information about key town matters with the goal of increasing government transparency and fostering civic engagement. In recent years our flock earned us banners, yard signs, and social media publicity to raise awareness about Town Meetings.  This past year we were also able to host forums on:

  • Water and the Drought
  • Traffic & Pedestrian Safety
  • As well as our 5th Annual “Know Your Vote” pre-town meeting show

We hope to continue to do even more next year! So have a little fun, send a flock to a friend and support awareness of town issues!

Click here to Flock a Friend!
Sorry, the 2017 flocking season is now over!