Special Town Meeting Set for December 9

Special Town Meeting Set for December 9

The Select Board opened a Special Town Meeting Warrant on November 5, in response to a citizen’s petition with more than required number of 200 signatures. The citizen’s petition requested two specific warrant articles in opposition to the downtown corridor project, however the warrant will remain open until November 21, so there may be additional articles put forth by boards, committees or citizen petitions. The Special Town Meeting will be held on Monday, December 9 at 7:00 PM in the Hopkinton Middle School Auditorium. Stay tuned for more information.

Ask eHop:

  • “How much does it cost to hold a Special Town Meeting”? It costs roughly $6,000 in tangible resources and part-time hours (this amount may increase if we have a secret ballot). – from the Town Clerk
  • “What the process for a secret ballot at a Town Meeting?” Interested voters may make a motion to request a vote by secret ballot. If the motion passes (typically by simple majority as our bylaws don’t say otherwise), the voters will be required to recheck-in to receive their ballot. We do not hand it out at the beginning because we cannot assume that the Meeting will pass the motion and they are single use; if we were to give them out at the beginning, that could influence the vote on the motion as more would likely support it if they were handed a ballot at the door. The ballot will be a “Yes” and a “No” on a paper ballot. Once they have their ballot, they will have to bring it up to the ballot box, tear it in half, deposit their vote into the box, and drop their discarded half of the ballot into the trash next to the ballot box. – from the Town Clerk

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