Planning Board Actions Taken 07/13/20

Planning Board Actions Taken 07/13/20
  1. Administrative Items
    1. Reorganization of the Board – Action Taken: Gary Trendel voted Chair, Rob Benson voted Vice Chair
    2. Notice of Vacancy – Amy Ritterbusch Resignation – Action Taken: Resignation accepted and the vacancy will be posted. Candidate selection to be made at a joint meeting between Planning Board and Select Board date to be announced. Position would run through May/June 2021. Thank you to Amy for her research and preparedness
    3. Fee Waiver for 79 Frankland Road ANR – Action Taken: Voted to Waive
    4. Discussion of “Actions Taken” Summary – Action Taken: Deb Fein-Brug offered to take over the Actions Taken Summary.
    5. Minutes of April 27, 2020; May 11, 2020; May 18, 2020 – Action Taken: Approved
  2. Continued Public Hearings – Bucklin St. & Leonard St. – 1) Stormwater Management Permit; 2) Petition to Construct a Paper Street – Wall Street Development Corp. Proposal to construct a paper street entitled “Bucklin Street”; Proposal to construct four (4) single-family homes with driveways, utilities and associated grading. A stormwater management permit is required because the project will result in land disturbance of one acre or more and it is not a “subdivision.”
    Action Taken: No Discussion, Continued to August 10, 2020
  3. Continued Public Hearing – Maspenock Woods (West Elm Street) – Maspenock Woods Realty Trust Proposed amendments to the Special Permit and approved Site Plan pursuant to the Garden Apartments in Residential Districts Bylaw, to allow demolition and replacement of the existing dwelling at 5 West Elm Street.
    Action Taken: No Discussion, Continued to September 10, 2020
  4. Continued Public Hearings – Solar Special Permit – 0, 71 Frankland Road – Seaboard Solar Proposed 5.0 megawatt solar facility at 0 and 71 Frankland Road, the former Liberty Mutual Insurance site.
    Action Taken: Discussed and Continued to July 27, 2020

Business to be considered by the Board at any time during the meeting:

  • Legacy Farms Road/East Main Street Traffic Light Status – Not Discussed
  • Growth Study Committee Update – Not Discussed
  • Discussion regarding cul-de-sac length in OSLPD developments – Not Discussed
  • OSLPD regulation change recommendations to ZAC – Not Discussed
  • Master Plan Action Items – Not Discussed
  • Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness and Climate Change discussion – Not Discussed
  • Future agenda items, correspondence – The business listed above will be listed to be discussed at anytime during the next meeting.

Materials for this Meeting:

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