Select Board Actions Taken 08/04/20

Select Board Actions Taken 08/04/20

Agenda Items & Actions Taken:

6:00 PM Call To Order, Pledge Of Allegiance

6:05 PM Public Forum

6:10 PM COVID-19 Update

6:15 PM Consent Agenda – The Select Board approved the Consent Agenda. (5-0)

  • i. MINUTES – The Select Board will consider approving the Minutes of the 7/14/20 and 7/21/20 meetings.
  • ii. 6 Walcott Street Tax Abatement Request
  • iii. Hunters Ridge Way Open Space Deed
  • iv. 2020 State Primary Warrant – The Select Board will consider signing the Warrant for the State Primary on September 1, 2020.

6:20 PM Annual Appointments

The Select Board will make annual appointments to boards, committees and offices.

• Board/Committee Appointments: Council on Aging, Historical Commission, Hopkinton Historic District Commission, Sustainable Green Committee, Tax Relief Committee, Upper Charles Trail Committee, Youth Commission

• Traffic Constables

• Special Constable – William E. Pickett, Jr.

  • The Select Board appointed Nancy Stevenson, Eric Sonnett and John Pavlov as full members of the Historical Commission, to terms expiring 6/30/2023. (5-0)
  • The Select Board appointed James Haskins and Stacy Spies as associate members of the Historical Commission, to terms expiring 6/30/2023. (5-0)
  • The Select Board made the following appointments, to the terms noted: (5-0)
    • 1. Donna Deneen to the Council on Aging, term expiring 6/30/2023
    • 2. Stacy Spies to the Hopkinton Historic District Commission, Historical Society nominee, term expiring 6/30/2023.
    • 3. Joseph Baldiga to the Lake Maspenock Weed Management Citizen Advisory Group (no term length).
    • 4. Geoffrey Rowland, Rebeka Hoffman and Donald Sutherland to the Sustainable Green Committee, terms expiring 6/30/2023.
    • 5. Sue Kurys and John Palmer to the Tax Relief Committee, terms expiring 6/30/2023.
    • 6. Christopher Heymanns, Treasurer/Collector, to the Tax Relief Committee, term expiring 6/30/2023.
    • 7. Liisa Jackson as the Parks & Recreation Commission nominee on the Trail Coordination and Management Committee, term expiring 6/30/2023.
    • 8. Chelsea Rockhold to the Youth Commission, term expiring 6/30/2023.
  • The Select Board appointed Eli Post and Robert Snyder as full members, and Peter Johnson as an alternate member, to the Upper Charles Trail Committee, terms expiring 6/30/2023. (5-0)
  • The Select Board appointed Benjamin Campbell, Josiah Campbell, Michael Sutton, Scott Jurasek, and Jane Moran as Traffic Constables, terms expiring 6/30/2023. (5-0)
  • The Select Board appointed William E. Picket, Jr. as Constable, to a term expiring 6/30/2023. (5-0)

6:30 PM Common Victualler License – Royal Pizza, 30 Main Street

The Select Board approved a Common Victualler License for Royal Pizza at 30 Main Street. (5-0)

6:40 PM FY 2021 Budget Updates; 2020 Annual Town Meeting

The Select Board will consider 2021 budget updates. The Select Board will discuss the Sept. 21, 2020 Annual Town Meeting and review the draft Annual Town Meeting warrant.

6:50 PM Town Manager Report

a. Main Street Corridor Project Update.

b. Community Satisfaction Survey

c. Request for Night Work, Elm Street reconstruction (dead end portion of road), beginning August 23, 2020, lasting approximately 6 nights, 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.

The Select Board approved Night Work for the Elm Street reconstruction project, beginning August 23, 2020, as requested. (5-0)

The Select Board voted to sign a Conservation Restriction for 42-44 West Elm Street. (5-0)

7:00 PM Liaison Reports/Board Invites

The Board will consider liaison assignments and appointments for FY 2021.

● The Select Board approved the FY 2021 liaison list as discussed. (5-0)

● The Select Board confirmed the Town Manager’s appointment of Amy Ritterbusch as the representative to the Metropolitan Area Planning Council. (4-0-1)

● The Select Board appointed Mary Jo LaFreniere as the Town’s representative on the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority Advisory Board. (5-0)

7:05 PM Future Board Agenda Items

7:10 PM Adjourn

Correspondence to the Select Board:

  • 1. Verizon Customer Notice
  • 2. Clean Harbors Letter – Public Notification of Permanent Solution Statement Petroleum Release, 394 Wood Street

Materials for this Meeting:

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