Select Board Actions Taken 08/25/20

Select Board Actions Taken 08/25/20

Agenda Items & Actions Taken:




i. The Select Board will consider approving the Minutes of the August 4, 2020 Select Board Meeting.

ii. The Select Board will consider accepting the resignation of Henry Kunicki from the Community Preservation Committee.

The Select Board approved the Consent Agenda. (5-0)

5:20 PM 2020 ANNUAL TOWN MEETING – Following consultation and approval of the Town Moderator, the Select Board will discuss a reduction in the required quorum and other matters regarding the September 12, 2020 Annual Town Meeting. The Select Board will vote to sign the Annual Town Meeting warrant and review draft motions. The Select Board will take positions on warrant articles and discuss town meeting presentations.

Pursuant to Section 7 of Chapter 92 of the Acts of 2020, the Select Board reduced the required quorum for the 2020 Annual Town Meeting from the number calculated pursuant to section 47-13 of the General Bylaws to no less than 80, and directed the Town Clerk to notify the Attorney General of the adjusted quorum requirement as required by said Section 7 of Chapter 92. (5-0)

The Select Board recommended that Town Meeting approve the following Articles on the 2020 Annual Town Meeting Warrant: (4-0)

  • FY 2020 Supplemental Appropriations & Transfers
  • Unpaid Bills from Previous Fiscal Years
  • Excess Bond Premium
  • Personal Property
  • Set the Salary of Elected Officials
  • Fiscal 2021 Operating Budget
  • FY 2021 Revolving Funds Spending Limits
  • Chapter 90 Highway Funds
  • Transfer to Other Post-Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund
  • Lease East Main Street Parcel for International Marathon Center
  • Community Preservation Funds
  • Amend Charter to Change Board of Selectmen to Select Board

The Select Board voted to sign the 2020 Annual Town Meeting warrant, with the provision that if the Growth Study Committee votes to remove its article (Create Economic Development Office) at a meeting on 8/25, then the article will be removed from the warrant. (4-0)


Correspondence to the Select Board

1. Board of Appeals Public Hearing Notices – 23 Woody Island Rd. & 92 Spring St.

2. Board of Appeals Notices of Decision – 60 Pine Island Rd., 160 East Main St., 16 Downey St.

3. MAPC Municipal Leader Pledge To Take Action on Systemic Racism; Information:

4. “Let’s Chalk About Change” – September 2, 2020

Materials for this Meeting:

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