Appropriation Committee – Did You Know?

Appropriation Committee – Did You Know?

Committee Size:  5 members
Term Length: 3 years
Meeting Schedule: Typically once a week on Thursdays in the spring leading up to Town Meeting. The rest of the year is typically once a month.
Description: There shall be an Appropriation Committee of five registered voters of sound business experience or good judgment, who shall serve without pay and who shall consider any and all questions involving the expenditure of money, for the purpose of making reports or recommendations thereon to the Town. The Finance Director shall serve on the Appropriation Committee ex officio, as a sixth non-voting member. The Appropriation Committee shall be appointed by an appointing committee composed of the Moderator, the Chair of the Board of Selectmen and the Town Clerk.

The Town Charter Article 7 lays out the role of the Appropriation Committee in the development of the Town Budget.


Section 7-1: Fiscal Year 

The fiscal year of the Town shall begin on the first day of July and shall end on the last day of June, unless the Massachusetts General Laws require another period. 

Section 7-2: Submission of Budget 

(a) Annually, not later than the first day of October, the Town Manager, with the agreement of the Board of Selectmen, Appropriation Committee and School Committee, shall establish and issue a budget schedule, which shall set forth the calendar dates relating to the development of the Town’s annual operating budget for the ensuing fiscal year. The budget schedule shall set dates for: 

1. The issuance of a budget policy statement to be issued by the Board of Selectmen; 

2. The deadline for submission of budget requests to the Town Manager; 

3. The deadline for the submission of the Capital Improvements Program to the Board of Selectmen and the Appropriation Committee; 

4. The deadline for the submission of financial articles to the Appropriation Committee; 

5. The deadline for the submission of a comprehensive draft budget from the Town Manager to the Board of Selectmen; 

6. The adoption of a budget by the Board of Selectmen and submission of such budget to the Appropriation Committee; and, 

7. A public hearing on the budget to be held by the Appropriation Committee. 

(b) The Town Manager shall submit all financial articles to the Appropriation Committee in accordance with the budget schedule. At least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the Annual Town Meeting, the Appropriation Committee shall issue recommendations and detailed explanations of all financial articles in an annual 21 

Appropriation Committee Report. In preparing its recommendations, the Appropriation Committee may require the Town Manager and representatives from any Town Department, board or committee to appear before it and furnish it with such additional financial reports and budgetary information as it may deem necessary or appropriate. 

Appropriation Committee Report for Annual Town Meeting 2021