Youth Commission – Did You Know?

Youth Commission – Did You Know?

Committee Size: 7 voting members

Term Length: 3 years

Meeting Schedule: Typically once a month as determined by the members

PURPOSE: The Hopkinton Youth Commission is charged with identifying the emerging and ongoing needs of Hopkinton’s youth and families. The Commission is responsible for creating community-wide opportunities that support long term well-being of all youth. Programs and activities supported by the Youth Commission shall promote an overall benefit to all youth and families. The Hopkinton Youth Commission should be creative, resourceful and seek collaboration with a range of partners to improve the wellbeing of all Hopkinton Youth.

CHARGE: The Youth Commission’s activities and programs will include but not be limited to:

  1. Work in conjunction with the Board of Selectmen, Town Manager and all Hopkinton Town Departments that interact with youth and families; including but not limited to Youth Services Department, Parks and Recreation Department, Police Department, Hopkinton Public Library, Hopkinton Senior Services and Hopkinton Public School District.
  2. Promote community education regarding youth and family issues.
  3. Support programs and activities which raise awareness and encourage healthy adolescent development.
  4. Collaborate with other organizations whose goals are aligned with those of the Hopkinton Youth Commission.
  5. Develop recommendations for the Board of Selectmen regarding programs, projects and policies benefiting youth and families.
  6. Set annual goals in conjunction with the Youth Services Department.

COMPOSITION: The Hopkinton Youth Commission shall have seven (7) voting members who are Hopkinton residents and appointed by the Board of Selectmen for staggered three-year terms. The Hopkinton Youth Commission will also have the following non-voting members: Police Officer who regularly works with youth, two student representatives (one each from the Middle and High Schools) , and liaisons from the Youth Services Department, School Committee, Parks and Recreation Department, and the Board of Selectmen. In addition, the Commission may, from time to time, designate any number of auxiliary members who have accepted leadership roles in connection with one or more of the Commission’s programs or projects or goals. Auxiliary members are invited to participate actively in Commission deliberations, and are encouraged to seek appointment as voting or associate members when opportunities arise.

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