Center School Re-Use Second Public Forum 6/13/18

Center School Re-Use Second Public Forum 6/13/18

The Center School Re-Use Advisory Team (“CSRAT”) will be holding its second Public Forum on the potential future uses for the Center School Property. The Forum will be on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 7 PM at HCAM Studios, located on the basement level of 77 Main Street (next to the Fire Station). All residents are invited to attend. The Forum will also be broadcast live to home viewers on Comcast channel 8 and Verizon channel 30, and recorded and available to be viewed online at HCAM.TV.
In February, CSRAT held its first forum, which provided an overview of the building and the property, discussion of the criteria for the committee to consider in making its recommendation, and solicitation of ideas regarding the future use of Center School. In addition, CSRAT received completed surveys from nearly 400 residents who provided input on the project. Based on this initial public response, the vast majority indicated the desire for the Center School building to remain a town resource. Read the full Press Release here…

CSRAT First Public Forum 2/3/18:

CSRAT Public Survey Results (Winter 2018):

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