FY12 Town Budget Updates

FY12 Town Budget Updates

Hopkinton’s Budget Process is underway. Decisions made over the next few days and weeks will determine the funding of our schools, police, fire, and DPW, etc. For the past three years, our property tax was not increased by the standard amount (2 1/2%) in an effort to be sensitive to residents impacted by the economy. With less money available, all town departments had to cut back on necessary programs and equipment. Now there are difficult decisions to be made in order to make up for lost ground. Your voice and input matters. Please read the recently published articles to learn about the decisions that need to be made. If you have input for our Selectmen and Town Manager, please contact them before Tuesday’s meeting:
nkhumalo@hopkinton.org, geri@hopkinton.org, rjdourney@hopkinton.org, tcestari@hopkinton.org, mgates@hopkinton.org, jmindesign@gmail.com, ben@palleiko.com

FY12 Budget Message
The next Board of Selectmen’s meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 9 at 6:30PM. Visit the HCAM-TV website for a sneak peak at the upcoming agenda. The Selectmen are expected to issue a budget statement at this meeting with recommendations on how much if any increase over current year’s budget departments should target in budgets next year.

Hopkinton looks at options for raising property tax
By Michael Morton/Daily News staff, Hopkinton Crier – Nov. 4, 2010

Selectmen Vote Sewer Betterments for Phase VI and Discuss the Financial Forecast
by Muriel Kramer, HopNews – Nov. 4, 2010

In Hopkinton, a look at the budget forecast
By Michael Morton/Daily News staff, Hopkinton Crier – Oct. 27, 2010


Difficult Budget Process Begins: Structural Deficit Big and Getting Bigger
by Robert Falcione, HopNews – Oct. 26, 2010

Hopkinton-Milford sewer connection may debut next month

By Michael Morton/Daily News staff, Hopkinton Crier – Oct. 13, 2010