Town Meeting Results Day 2

Town Meeting Results Day 2

Holliston Town Meeting Banner 2013

Article 25: ADAOC Phase VII PASSED
Article 26: Lakeshore Drive Culvert PASSED
Article 27: Water/Sewer Manager’s Truck PASSED
Article 28: DPW Director’s Vehicle PASSED
Article 29: DPW Dump Truck PASSED
Article 30: DPW Trackless Municipal Tractor PASSED
Article 31: DPW Street Sweeper FAILED
Article 32: Grove Street Water Tank Inspection and Mixer PASSED
Article 33: Flanders Road Sewer Main Replacement PASSED
Article 34: North Mill Street Slope Stabilization PASSED
Article 35: Main Street Water Main Replacement PASSED
Article 36: DPW Facility Design PASSED
Article 37: DPW Garage Standby Generator PASSED
Article 38: Town Hall Upgrade/Repair Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)
and Miscellaneous Interior Systems FAILED 80 to 44
Article 39: Town Hall Phase II Envelope Repairs PASSED

Article 40: Community Preservation Recommendations PASSED
Article 41: Amend Elmwood Farm CPA Vote PASSED on 5/6 on Consent Agenda

Article 42: Civil Fingerprinting- Ice Cream Truck Vendors PASSED
Article 43: Registered Sex Offender Restrictions PASSED
Article 44: Historic Preservation- Demolition Delay PASSED 80 to 51
Article 45: Historic Preservation- Demolition Delay Time Period FAILED
Article 46: General Bylaw- Scenic Roads PASSED

Article 47: Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers Temporary Moratorium PASSED 109 to 47
Article 48: Zoning- 169 West Main Street PASSED
Article 49: Zoning- Water Fresh Farm Zoning Change FAILED 64 to 96
Article 50: Zoning- Storage Sheds PASSED
Article 51: Zoning- Drive-Up Windows PASSED
Article 52: Zoning- IB District, School Bus Parking PASSED
Article 53: Zoning- Design Review Board PASSED
Article 54: Zoning-Temporary Banner Signage PASSED
Article 55: Zoning- Neighborhood Mixed Use District and Rezoning of
Land on Lumber St. & West Main St. NO ACTION
Article 56: Zoning- Agricultural District Name Change FAILED 44 to 86
Article 57: Zoning- Commercial Solar Facilities PASSED

Article 58: Fruit Street Solar Farm PASSED 109 to 33
Article 59: Gift of Land-Hayden Rowe St. PASSED on 5/6 on Consent Agenda
Article 60: Acquisition of Property on West Main Street PASSED
Article 61: Acceptance of Drainage Easement PASSED on 5/6 on Consent Agenda
Article 62: Municipal Parking Lot PASSED
Article 63: Sale of Property on Knoll Road PASSED
Article 64: Sale of Property Duffield Road PASSED
Article 65: Street Acceptances PASSED

Article 66: Frankland Road PASSED 51 to 32
Article 67: Community Choice Aggregation PASSED
Article 68: Lumber Street- Expansion of Sewer Service Area NO ACTION

The warrant was completed and Town Meeting was adjourned at about 12:30am.  There will be no need for Day 3.