Meet the Candidates Tonight at 7pm on HCAM

Meet the Candidates Tonight at 7pm on HCAM


The Hopkinton Women’s Club is holding its annual Meet the Candidates Night on Wednesday, April 30 at 7:00 PM in the HCAM studio. Residents are encouraged to attend and ask questions of those citizens running for office in the May 19 Town Election. Call in during the show at 508-435-7887 or email your questions in advance to

The only contested race is for School Committee, so we are listing those candidates first, in alphabetical order as they appear on the ballot. Educate Hopkinton as an organization does not specifically endorse any of the candidates, click to read our policy for more info. There are also two ballot questions. Click here to view a Specimen Ballot.

Candidates & Questions on the May 19 Town Election

  • SCHOOL COMMITTEE, For 3 years, Vote for 2 – Contested Race
  • SELECTMEN, For 3 years, Vote for 1
    • John M Coutinho, Republican
  • BOARD OF ASSESSORS, For 3 years, Vote for 1
    • John L Palmer
  • BOARD OF HEALTH, For 3 years, Vote for 1
    • Jennifer Belesi, Republican
  • BOARD OF LIBRARY TRUSTEES, For 3 years, Vote for 2
    • June A Harris, Republican
    • Stanley D Pulnik
  • CEMETERY COMMISSIONER, For 3 years, Vote for 1
    • Claire B Wright, Republican
  • COMMISSIONER OF TRUST FUND, For 3 years, Vote for 1
    • Muriel E Kramer, Democrat
  • HOUSING AUTHORITY, For 5 years, Vote for 1
    • Warren E Johnson
  • PARKS & RECREATION COMMISSION, For 3 years, Vote for 2
    • Timothy W Kilduff
    • Amy K Markovich
  • PLANNING BOARD, For 5 years, Vote for 1
    •  Francis J DeYoung, Republican

Ballot Questions

#1 Underride – YES or NO

  • “Shall the Town of Hopkinton be required to reduce the amount of real estate and personal property taxes to be assessed for the fiscal year beginning July first, two thousand and fourteen by an amount equal to $1,250,000?”

#2 Library Renovation and Expansion Funding – YES or NO

  • “Shall the Town of Hopkinton be allowed to exempt from the limitations imposed by Chapter 59, Section 21C of the Massachusetts General Laws (Proposition 2 1/2, so-called), the amounts required to pay for the bond issued for costs related to the renovation, restoration, expansion, construction and reconstruction of the Hopkinton Public Library?”