New Strategic Plan Now in Place

New Strategic Plan Now in Place


At their September 18 meeting, the School Committee unanimously voted to adopt the 2014-2020 Strategic Plan:

Strategic Plan Objectives:


  1. Attract, develop, and sustain an effective school leadership team
  2. Establish a clearly defined set of goals aligning the School Improvement Plans to the District Strategic Plan
  3. Foster a collaborative culture open to dialogue and trust amongst faculty and staff.


  1. Develop a consistently implemented and vertically aligned PreK-12 Curriculum
  2. Articulate common, well-defined learning outcomes with a focus on depth of understanding and critical thinking.


  1. Communicate high expectations for all students
  2. Implement evidence-based high quality instructional practices


  1. Implement a variety of assessments that examine both short and long-term growth of students
  2. Use assessment results to evaluate and adjust instructional practices
  3. Provide opportunities for students to share in goal-setting and self-evaluation


  1. Develop a transparent budget that supports the district’s priority initiatives
  2. Evaluate and develop School Committee policy
  3. Cultivate effective partnerships with families and within the community

Strategic Plan Steering Committee Members

Ellen Scordino, School Committee Member/Parent
Jean Bertschmann, School Committee Member/Parent
Dr. Cathy MacLeod, Superintendent
Robert Berlo, Secondary Curriculum Director
Merideth Ekwall, Elementary Curriculum Director
Ann Benbenek, Middle School Assistant Principal
Tim Kearnan, Elementary Assistant Principal
Ashoke Ghosh, Technology Director/Parent
Michael Sullivan, History/Social Sciences Subject Matter Leader
Carla Crisafulli, Mathematics Subject Matter Leader
Matthew O’Connell, Middle School Teacher
Evren Gundez, Middle School Teacher
Rebecca Feldman, Hopkins School Faculty Member
Christina Michaud, Elmwood School Faculty Member
Janine Sheelan, Center School Faculty Member
Linda Vorrasi, Elementary Special Education Chair
Michael Donahue, Secondary Special Education Chair