Select Board Actions Taken 12/15/20

Select Board Actions Taken 12/15/20

Agenda Items & Actions Taken:

i. To consider approving executive session Minutes for Dec. 1, 2020;
ii. Pursuant to M.G.L. c.30A, §21(a) (Purpose 6) t o consider strategy with respect to the purchase, lease, sale or value of real property in relation to the former Liberty Mutual property (Frankland Rd.), 0 Hayden Rowe (Dunbar), 0 Hayden Rowe (Metrowest Holdings), 0 East Main St. (Mezitt) property, and the lease of property on East Main St. to the 26.2 Foundation, because an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the negotiating position of the Board.


6:16 PM PUBLIC FORUM – Residents are invited to share ideas, opinions or ask questions regarding Town Government.

6:25 PM COVID-19 UPDATE – The Select Board will receive an update on the Town’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

i. MINUTES – The Select Board will consider approving the Minutes of the 12/1/2020 and 12/8/2020 meetings.
The Select Board approved the Consent Agenda. (5-0)


The Select Board will consider renewing annual licenses for the following businesses:

● Common Victualler Licenses and associated licenses – Royal Pizza, Muffin House Cafe, Dunkin Donuts/Hopkinton Donuts LLC, Hop-Yo, Starbucks Coffee, The Spoonery, Starbucks at Price Chopper, Dunkin Donuts/South St. Donuts, Hillers Pizza, Aramark at Dell 171 South St, Aramark at Dell 176 South St, Aramark at Dell 42 South St, Aramark at Dell 228 South St., Angel’s Hilltop Cafe

● Section 12 All-Alcohol On Premises Licenses and associated licenses – Pan Thai, Hopkinton Country Club, 110 Grill, Cornell’s Irish Pub (includes Alteration of Premises for permanent outdoor dining), Dynasty Restaurant, Woodville Rod & Gun Club Inc., Ko Restaurant, Bill’s Pizzeria Kitchen & Bar, Central Public House, Carbone’s Restaurant, Quattro/Bison Burger.

● Section 12 On Premises Wine & Malt Licenses and associated licenses – Hopkinton Spoon, Bittersweet

● Section 19C Farmer Brewery Pouring Permit and associated licenses – Start Line Brewing

● Section 15 All-Alcohol Package Store License and associated licenses – Country Farm Liquor, Marty’s Fine Wines, Hopkinton Wine and Spirits

● Section 15 Wine & Malt Package Store License and associated licenses – The Vin Bin, Hopkinton Friendly Service Inc.

● Municipal Street License – MetroWest Regional Transit Authority

● Livery/Limousine License – Able Limousine

● The Select Board renewed Cornell’s Irish Pub Section 12 On-Premises All Alcoholic Beverages license, Common Victualler and Entertainment license, and approved an Alteration of Premises to increase the area of the permanent outdoor dining area as proposed, contingent upon Site Plan Review by the Planning Board. (5-0)

● The Select Board renewed Section 12 On-Premises All Alcoholic Beverages licenses, Common Victualler and Entertainment licenses for Carbone’s Restaurant, Dynasty Restaurant, Ko Restaurant, Pan Thai, Quattro/Bison Burger, 110 Grill, Central Public House, Bill’s Pizzeria, Hopkinton Country Club, Woodville Rod & Gun Club, and waived application fees for all Section 12 All-Alcohol license applicants. (5-0)

● The Select Board renewed the Section 12 On-Premises Wine & Malt licenses, Common Victualler and Entertainment Licenses for The Spoon and Bittersweet, and waived the Section 12 application fees. (5-0)

● The Select Board renewed the Section 19 Farmer Brewery Pouring Permit, Common Victualler and Entertainment licenses for Start Line Brewing, and waived the Section 19 application fee. (5-0)

● The Select Board renewed the Section 15 Package Store All Alcoholic Beverage licenses and associated licenses listed: Hopkinton Wine & Spirits; Marty’s Fine Wines (Common Victualler, Entertainment); Country Farm. (5-0)

● The Select Board renewed the Section 15 Package Store Wine & Malt Beverage licenses and associated licenses as follows: The Vin Bin (Common Victualler, Entertainment); Hopkinton Mobil. (5-0)

● The Select Board renewed the Common Victualler and associated licenses listed for the following: Price Chopper #231, Starbucks; Dunkin Donuts (78 West Main St.); Dunkin Donuts (76 South St.); Starbucks Coffee #20122 (Entertainment License) (85 West Main St.); The Spoonery (Entertainment License); Hop-Yo (Entertainment License); Muffin House Cafe, Royal Pizza, Aramark (42 South St., 171 South St., 176 South St., 228 South St.), Angel’s Hilltop Cafe. (5-0)

● The Select Board renewed the Common Victualler License for Hiller’s Pizza. (4-1)

● The Select Board renewed the Municipal Street License for the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority and renewed the Livery License for Able Limousine. (5-0)


The Select Board will consider making appointments to the Cultural Council. One term expired 11/17/20 and 3 terms expire 12/19/20. Terms are for 3 years.
New Applicants: Nasiba Mannan, Katie Pierce
● Term 1, expired 11/17/20: Incumbent: Darlene Hayes (requests reappointment)
● Term 2, expires 12/19/20: Incumbent: Richard Jacobs (requests reappointment)
● Term 3, expires 12/19/20: Incumbent: Jonathan Meltzer (requests reappointment)
● Term 4, expires 12/19/20: Incumbent: Laura Stacey (requests reappointment)

The Select Board appointed the following individuals to the Cultural Council, to the terms indicated: (5-0)
● Darlene Hayes – Term expires 11/17/2023
● Richard Jacobs, Jonathan Meltzer, Laura Stacey – Terms expire 12/19/2023
● Nasiba Mannan and Katie Pierce – Terms expire 12/15/2023

The Select Board will consider voting to open the 2021 annual town meeting warrant, and will discuss its own potential ATM articles, including any General Bylaw changes.

Supporting Exhibits: Annual Town Meeting & Budget Timeline ; Draft General Bylaw Amendments – Depositing of Leaves & Debris; Trench Safety Officer Bylaw; Dog Licensing; Street Opening Permits

The Select Board voted to open the May 3, 2021 Annual Town Meeting Warrant and to close the Warrant on February 2, 2021. (5-0)

i. Main Street Corridor Project
ii. Lift Hiring Freeze: Procurement & Grants Manager
iii. Night Work on South St., on dates in December and January, Eversource
iv. All Hands Meeting

● The Select Board approved the hiring of a Procurement & Grants Manager and a Conservation Administrator. (5-0)

● The Select Board approved night work on South Street by Eversource on Dec. 16, Dec. 17 and the weeks of Dec. 28, Jan. 4 and Jan. 11, with the dates to be weather dependent and based on the approval from the DPW Director. (5-0)

● The Select Board announced that in Executive Session this evening the Board voted to authorize the Town Manager to sign a lease with the 26.2 Foundation for the Town property at 45 East Main St. (5-0)


7:20 PM FUTURE BOARD AGENDA ITEMS – Board members will identify future agenda items.


Correspondence to Select Board:
Board of Appeals Notice of Decision – 97 South St.

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