More School Budget Presentations

More School Budget Presentations


At the Thursday, December 10 School Committee meeting, the following FY17 budget presentations are on the agenda:

  • Center School Budget Presentation – Mrs. Dubeau
  • Elmwood School Budget Presentation – Mrs. Carver
  • Hopkins School Budget Presentation – Mr. Kearnan
  • Special Education Budget Presentation – Dr. Zaleski
  • Prioritization of Capital Requests

None of the new budget documents were available on the school website yet as of 5pm on the day of the meeting. The meeting begins at 7:00pm in the Middle School Library, public comments are scheduled near the end of the meeting, about 8:45pm. Barring technical difficulties, you may also watch the meeting on HCAM-TV (Comcast 8 / Verizon 30 / Streaming Click here to view the meeting agenda.


Some of the budget presentations were posted to the district website on Monday, December 14:

Time to Give Input:

If you have questions, comments or concerns, now is a good time to voice them while budgets are not yet final. Email both the School Committee and the Superintendent at the following addresses:


Budget Documents Already Presented: