Presidential Primary 3/1

Presidential Primary 3/1


The Massachusetts Presidential Primary will be held on Tuesday, March 1, also known as “Super Tuesday.” All Hopkinton precincts vote at the Hopkinton Middle School Brown Gym. Polls are open 7:00am-8:00pm.

For those registered voters who are unable to vote at the polls on election day due to (1) absence from town during normal polling hours; or (2) physical disability preventing you from going to the polling place; or (3) religious belief, absentee ballot applications are available at the Town Clerk’s Office. If you fall under the guidelines as stated above, you may vote by absentee ballot at the Town Clerk’s Office or request that a ballot is mailed to you.

The deadline for an absentee ballot is noon on Monday, February 29, 2016. Please visit the Town Clerk’s page on the Town’s website at for more information regarding Absentee Ballot voting or call the Town Clerk’s Office at 508-497-9710 or email me at

Democratic Primary Ballot (Vote for 1):

Democratic State Committee Man (Vote for 1 Man):

  • Chris Walsh

Democratic State Committee Woman (Vote for 1 Woman):

  • Karen E Spilka

Democratic Town Committee (Vote for 30):

  • Richard O. Duggan
  • Mary E. Duggan
  • Darlene A. Hayes
  • Laura W. Hanson
  • Kenneth C. Parker
  • Christine Dietz
  • Bruce G. Karlin
  • Michael F. Cook
  • Francis J. D’Urso
  • Brahim Brian Hassan
  • Mary Jo LaFreniere
  • Muriel E. Kramer
  • David K. Morgan
  • Maureen K. Bumiller
  • Rebeka L. Hoffman
  • Elizabeth B. Whittemore
  • Mary Arnault
  • Margo R. Roman
  • Edithmarie L. Siebert
  • Thomas F. Pratt
  • Melanie A. Smith
  • Thomas E. Smith
  • Katherine L. Fernald
  • Carl A. Altamura
  • Edward J. Mills

Republican Primary Ballot (Vote for 1):

Republican State Committee Man (Vote for 1 Man):

  • Edward Bergin McGrath
  • Martin A. Lamb

Republican State Committee Woman (Vote for 1 Woman):

  • Janet Leombruno
  • Patricia M. Vanaria

Republican Town Committee (Vote for 35):

  • Kenneth R. Weismantel
  • Al Alfred W. Rogers, Jr.
  • Ronald M. Clark
  • Thomas J. Garabedian
  • Robert T. Dobinski
  • Lillian P. Holden
  • Leonard A. Holden
  • F. Eric Sonnett
  • Scott R. Aghababian
  • John M. Coutinho
  • Brian J. Herr
  • Daniel F. Terry
  • Nancy J. Barton
  • William S. Rogers, Jr.
  • L. Philip Totino, Jr.
  • Richard A. MacDonald
  • Leda Arakelian
  • Vascen J. Bogigian
  • William A. Muench
  • Henry R. Kunicki
  • Francis J. DeYoung
  • Matthew P. Wade
  • Frank E. Sivo
  • Brian J. Karp
  • Claire B. Wright
  • Brian E. Eberlin
  • Steve A. Barron
  • John R. Ferrari
  • Cecilia J. DelGaudio
  • Christian P. Ollenborger
  • June A. Harris

Green-Rainbow Primary Ballot:

United Independent Primary Ballot:

  • No Preference

Hopkinton Specimen Ballots 2016-03-01 (PDF)