List of Articles with Links & Details

List of Articles with Links & Details

Read the Town Meeting Warrant 2019


  1. Acceptance of Town Reports – 2018 Annual Town Report


  1. FY 2019 Supplemental Appropriations and Transfers – Transfer $525,000 (Snow & Ice Removal), -$70,000 (Sewer Enterprise Fund)
  2. Unpaid Bills from Previous Fiscal Years
    Parks and Recreation H20 Irrigation Specialist $2,206.00
    Information Technology Verizon $146.32


  1. Property Tax Exemption Increase
  2. BRAVE Act – Increase in abatement by amount not to exceed the cost of living
  3. BRAVE Act – Real estate tax exemption for veterans and other qualified persons where home is owned by a trust, conservator or other fiduciary for the person’s benefit
  4. BRAVE Act – Real estate tax exemption for surviving parents or guardians of certain soldiers, sailors, members of the National Guard and veterans
  5. BRAVE Act – Reduction of property tax obligation of veteran in exchange for volunteer services
  6. Set the Salary of Elected Officials – Town Clerk $69,297.20
  7. Fiscal 2020 Operating Budget – Appropriations Committee Report 2019 – School Budget Presentation
    ● $87,148,752.27 to the General Fund;
    ● $289,605.75 to the Community Preservation Fund;
    ● $2,569,775.55 to the Sewer Enterprise Fund;
    ● $2,057,513.31 to the Water Enterprise Fund; and
    ● $632,576.00 to the Parks & Recreation Enterprise Fund.
  8. FY 2020 Revolving Funds Spending Limits
    Building Department $270,000
    Part-Time Wire Inspector $100,000
    Part-Time Plumbing Inspector $100,000
    Hazardous Materials $5,000
    Conservation Commission $115,000
    Library $10,000
    Public Safety $5,000
    Planning Board $30,000
    Open Space Preservation Commission $10,000
    Youth and Family Services Department $4,000
    Zoning Board of Appeals $50,000
    Department of Public Works $8,000
    Department of Public Works $15,000
    Department of Public Works $8,000
    Cemetery Commission $3,500
    Cemetery Lot Fund $10,000
    School Department 1:1 Laptop Initiative $470,000
    Fingerprinting Fund $500
    Senior Center Programs Fund $75,000
    Police Department $10,000
  9. PEG Access Enterprise Fund $50,000
  10. Chapter 90 Highway Funds $643,095
  11. Transfer to General Stabilization Fund $208,000
  12. Establishment of School Department Stabilization Fund; Acceptance of fourth paragraph of M.G.L. c.40, §5B – $500,000 from Legacy Farms
  13. Transfer to Other Post-Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund – $400,000
  14. Pay-As-You-Go Capital Expenses
    1. A Security Cameras – Library & Police Department Town Manager $43,830
    2. B End User Hardware Replacement Town Manager $43,750
    3. C Public Safety Facility/Fire Station Feasibility Study Fire Chief, Police Chief, Town Manager $75,000
    4. D Replace Fire Chief Car Fire Chief $53,050
    5. E Police Jail Cells Floor Repair Town Manager $45,970
    6. F Town Hall Elevator Controls Town Manager $75,000
    7. G Replace DPW Trucks Town Manager $142,000
    8. H Wetlands Order of Conditions School Superintendent $40,000
    9. I Roof Engineering School Superintendent $100,000
    10. J Kitchen Equipment School Superintendent $24,200
    11. K Data Center Replacement School Superintendent $205,000
    12. L School Capacity Study School Superintendent $50,000
    13. M District Wide Facility Improvements School Superintendent $170,000
    14. N Boiler Replacement School Superintendent $160,000
    15. O Special Education Van School Superintendent $26,000
    16. P Replace Police Cruisers Police Chief $135,634
  15. Purchase of Valve Maintenance Trailer System $65,000
  16. Purchase of Water Department Truck $50,000
  17. Purchase of Bucket Truck $100,000
  18. Purchase of Multi-Purpose Municipal Tractor $177,000
  19. Sewer Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan Update $170,000
  20. Sidewalk Master Plan Phase II $1,060,000
  21. School Bus Parking Lot $300,000
  22. Purchase of Ladder Truck $1,200,000
  23. Public Safety Software Upgrade $375,000
  24. Town Hall Basement Renovation $200,000
  25. Security Cameras – School $200,000
  26. Center School Renovation and Reuse Feasibility Study $58,000
  27. Community Preservation Funds
    From FY 2019 estimated revenues for Active/Passive Recreation $115,799.00
    From FY 2019 estimated revenues for Historic Resources Reserve $115,799.00
    From FY 2019 estimated revenues for Community Housing Reserve $115,799.00
    From FY 2019 estimated revenues for Open Space Reserve $115,799.00
    From FY 2019 estimated revenues for Budgeted Reserve $694,794.00
  28. Community Preservation Recommendations
    1. A. $20,000 Historical Preservation for the preservation of land records in the Town Hall basement
    2. B. $3,750 Historical Preservation for the preservation of historical photographs by digitizing
    3. C. $10,000 Historical Preservation for the preservation and rehabilitation of the most at-risk cemetery headstones
    4. D. $20,000 for the design and engineering of a dog park at 66B Fruit Street, and
      $130,000 for the construction of the dog park (contingent on the receipt of a $250,000 grant from the Stanton Foundation)
    5. E. $25,000 Passive/Active Recreation for the design and installation of a lacrosse wall at the Fruit Street fields
    6. F. $25,000 Passive/Active Recreation for the engineering, materials, and installation of an irrigation system at the Pyne Field
    7. G. $50,000 Passive/Active Recreation to design a wetland crossing at 0 Wilson Street the purpose of which will allow the public to access other recreational lands
    8. H. $260,000 Undesignated Funds to replace all the existing equipment at the EMC Playground

ZONING BYLAW AMENDMENTS – Zoning Map for Reference

  1. Car Wash Use – Remove from Downtown Business District and allow in Industrial A District
  2. Indoor Recreation Uses – allow in Industrial A District
  3. Self-Storage Facilities – allow in Industrial A District (Citizen’s Petition)
  4. Associated Retail to Manufacturing Use – allow in Industrial A District & Industrial B District
  5. OSMUD District (Legacy Farms) – Residents of Age-Restricted Housing – Remove the prohibition on children under 18 living in the 180 over-55 units
  6. OSMUD District (Legacy Farms) – Affordable Housing – Remove the requirement for the over-55 affordable units to be built on site, allowing them to either be built off-site or for a payment in lieu of.
  7. OSMUD District (Legacy Farms) – Restricted Land Definition – add “cultural” to the list of allowed uses
  8. Temporary Banners – Increase allowed size to 180 sq ft, and add additional allowed locations (Route 85, Route 135 and West Main Street)
  9. Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Installations – Add additional screening requirements
  10. Subdivision, Garden Apartment & Village Housing Phasing – 3-year Moratorium – Citizen’s Petition – Motion for NO ACTION
  11. One Year Growth Restriction – Citizen’s Petition – temporary restriction on residential building, requires the establishment of a Growth Study Committee during the moratorium
  12. Change “Board of Selectmen” to “Select Board” in Zoning Bylaw – Citizen’s Petition


  1. Change “Board of Selectmen” to “Select Board” in General Bylaws – Citizen’s Petition
  2. Kennel Licensing Bylaw
  3. 76 Main Street Historic District – Creation of the Aaron & Lucy Claflin House single-property Historic District
  4. Historic Preservation Bylaw Amendments – Extend the maximum demolition delay from 6-months to 18-months


  1. Street Acceptances:
    Hunters Ridge Way from South Mill Street to South Mill Street.
    Penny Meadow Lane from South Mill Street to Dead End.
  2. Fruit Street Lease – to lease a portion of Parcel 8, as depicted on the Fruit Street Master Plan to a non-profit philanthropic organization for the benefit of Hopkinton youth and based in the Town of Hopkinton.
  3. Chamberlain Street Curve
  4. Municipal Parking
    6 Walcott Street $520,000
    25-35 Main Street $540,000
    10 Walcott Street, 14 Main Street, 0 Main Street $1,560,000
  5. Easements – Main Street Corridor Re-Authorization
    All Easements
    Permanent Easements
    To see if the Town will vote to reauthorize the Board of Selectmen to acquire by gift, purchase, eminent domain or otherwise, easements in all or some of the parcels identified in Article 47 of the 2018 Annual Town Meeting for the purpose of establishing a secure permanent public right of way that will allow for construction and roadway safety improvements, including grading, foundation for a mast arm, traffic signals, driveway tie-ins, overhead wires, guy wires, fences and related facilities in connection with the Main Street Corridor Project.
  6. Colella Farm Road Sewer – Citizen’s Petition – Motion for No Action


  1. South Middlesex Regional Vocational School District Agreement (Keefe Tech)
  2. Trustees of the School Fund in the Town of Hopkinton – Appointments:
    Julia Franks – 5 North Mill Street, Hopkinton
    Carly Grant – 9 Greystone Land, Hopkinton
    Kim Niemi – 18 Prestwick Drive, Hopkinton