Town Meeting Results Day 3 (5/8/19)

Town Meeting Results Day 3 (5/8/19)

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  1. Temporary Banners – Increase allowed size to 180 sq ft, and add additional allowed locations (Route 85, Route 135 and West Main Street) – PASSED
  2. Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Installations – Add additional screening requirements
    Amendment by Mark Hyman to make it more specific about what should be shielded, namely abutting properties and public ways. PASSED
    Main Motion PASSED  as amended
  3. Subdivision, Garden Apartment & Village Housing Phasing – 3-year Moratorium – Citizen’s Petition – Motion for NO ACTION – PASSED
  4. One Year Growth Restriction – Citizen’s Petition – temporary restriction on residential building, requires the establishment of a Growth Study Committee during the moratorium – FAILED
  5. Change “Board of Selectmen” to “Select Board” in Zoning Bylaw – Citizen’s Petition – Yes 258 / No 53 PASSED


  1. Change “Board of Selectmen” to “Select Board” in General Bylaws – Citizen’s Petition – PASSED
  2. Kennel Licensing Bylaw PASSED
  3. 76 Main Street Historic District – Creation of the Aaron & Lucy Claflin House single-property Historic District – Yes 287 / No 70 PASSED
  4. Historic Preservation Bylaw Amendments – Extend the maximum demolition delay from 6-months to 18-months –
    Amendment by Mark Hyman to allow for an appeal process – PASSED
    Amendment by Brian Brock to change to a 12-month demolition delay – Yes 145 / No 166 FAILED
    Main Motion with first amendment PASSED


  1. Street Acceptances – PASSED
    Hunters Ridge Way from South Mill Street to South Mill Street.
    Penny Meadow Lane from South Mill Street to Dead End.
  2. Fruit Street Lease – to lease a portion of Parcel 8, as depicted on the Fruit Street Master Plan to a non-profit philanthropic organization for the benefit of Hopkinton youth and based in the Town of Hopkinton. Extend the lease up to 99 years. PASSED
  3. Chamberlain Street Curve PASSED
  4. Municipal Parking
    1) 6 Walcott Street $520,000 – Yes 206 / No 32 PASSES
    2) 25-35 Main Street $540,000 – Yes 197 / No 19 PASSES
    3) 10 Walcott Street, 14 Main Street, 0 Main Street $1,560,000 – Yes 79 / No 129 FAILED
    Amendment by Chuck Joseph to separate the three parking areas for voting – PASSED
  5. Easements – Main Street Corridor Re-Authorization – Motion for NO ACTION (Town Counsel has recently determined that no action is needed at this time.)
    All Easements
    Permanent Easements
    To see if the Town will vote to reauthorize the Board of Selectmen to acquire by gift, purchase, eminent domain or otherwise, easements in all or some of the parcels identified in Article 47 of the 2018 Annual Town Meeting for the purpose of establishing a secure permanent public right of way that will allow for construction and roadway safety improvements, including grading, foundation for a mast arm, traffic signals, driveway tie-ins, overhead wires, guy wires, fences and related facilities in connection with the Main Street Corridor Project.
  6. Colella Farm Road Sewer – Citizen’s Petition – Motion for NO ACTION (taken out of order on Day 1)


  1. South Middlesex Regional Vocational School District Agreement (Keefe Tech) – PASSED
  2. Trustees of the School Fund in the Town of Hopkinton – Appointments – PASSED
    Julia Franks – 5 North Mill Street, Hopkinton
    Carly Grant – 9 Greystone Land, Hopkinton
    Kim Niemi – 18 Prestwick Drive, Hopkinton

11:49 PM – Town Meeting Adjourned, until Annual Town Election on Monday, May 20. Polls are open 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM at Hopkinton Middle School. For full town election info visit: