Weekly News Update – 08/21/22

Weekly News Update – 08/21/22

Special Town Meeting supports Marathon School addition increase • Main Street Corridor Project Update • State Primary Election Information • Upper Charles Trail Committee outlines goals for new fiscal year

Special Town Meeting supports Marathon School addition increase

Thursday’s Special Town Meeting was short and to the point, and an overwhelming majority of attendees supported allocating funds to cover the increase in construction costs for the addition to Marathon School.

There was a strong turnout — at 276 residents, it was about double the total at Annual Town Meeting in May.

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Marathon School Addition of 4 Classrooms – Cost Increase of $850,000 – funds for this purpose are proposed to be transferred from the School Department Stabilization Fund
Motion to Approve PASSED by a 2/3 Majority Voice Vote

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Main Street Corridor Project Update

What to Expect for the Week of August 22, 2022, to August 26, 2022

East Side of Project and Project Wide

  • Comcast Ductbank work from the Muffin House working eastbound to Ash Street
  • Service connections from the Muffin House to Ash Street
  • Continue the service connections project wide

West Side of Project

  • Install new granite curb – along Main Street working eastbound to the Fire Station
  • Fine Grade and Compact sidewalks between Wood Street and the Fire Station
  • Start pouring concrete sidewalks on Wood Street, West Main Street, and Main Street working towards the Fire Station

85/135 Intersection

  • Continue grading the road at the intersection
  • One lane of traffic will be maintained and the eastbound detour – From Pleasant Street to Maple Street to Hayden Rowe will be utilized
  • Walcott Street will be open to two-way traffic during the detour and will revert to one-way traffic when the road is opened up

Estimated work hours will be from 7am to 7pm.

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Live video feeds of traffic conditions


State Primary Election Information

There is a state primary election coming up on September 6 and there are many ways to vote this year including Absentee/Mail-In Voting, Early In-Person Voting and In-Person on Election Day. There are several contested races this year, including the race for Hopkinton’s State Rep, to replace Carolyn Dykema who is not running again.  Candidates are:

Read more about the candidates, view sample ballots and early voting dates on the eHop website.


Upper Charles Trail Committee outlines goals for new fiscal year

The Upper Charles Trail Committee at its meeting Wednesday night unanimously approved a list of 10 priorities on which the group will focus during the 2023 fiscal year, with members choosing where to devote their energies as part of two-person working groups.

Member Eli Post noted that the first five goals had been approved by the Upper Charles Trail Committee (UCTC) at its last meeting. 

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