Town Election Update

Town Election Update

Board of Selectmen, Planning Board (2-year), Parks & Recreation, and Board of Assessors are all contested races. The candidates listed below have returned nomination papers unless otherwise noted. However, new candidates may emerge after the party caucuses this week.

Although the deadline to return nomination papers has passed, residents may still get on the ballot by being the top vote-getter in one of the town political party caucuses. The Democratic caucus will be Wed April 10 at 6:30-8:30 PM at HCAM (77 Main St). The Republican caucus will be Fri April 12 at 5:00-7:00 PM at the Fire Station (73 Main St). Click on the name of any elected office listed below to read more about it. 2019 Open Positions for Local Office – Please contact the Town Clerk’s office with any questions.


Board of Assessors, 3 Years, Vote for 1 – Contested Race

  • Gerald E Tuite, Republican – papers not returned, but may be nominated at the Republican caucus
  • Gunajit Medhi, Unenrolled

Board of Health, 3 Years, Vote for 1

  • Richard Jacobs, Unenrolled

Board of Library Trustees, 3 Years, Vote for 2

  • Susan E Porter, Democrat (incumbent)
  • Michael McNamara, Unenrolled (incumbent) – papers not returned
  • Janice LP Barry, Democrat
  • Matthew J Gross, Unenrolled – papers not returned

Board of Selectmen, 3 Years, Vote for 2 – Contested Race

  • Mary Jo LaFreniere, Democrat
  • Claire Wright, Republican (incumbent)
  • Brendan Tedstone, Unenrolled (incumbent)
  • Shahidul Mannan, Democrat

Cemetery Commissioners, 3 Years, Vote for 1

  • John Palmer, Unenrolled (incumbent)

Commissioners of Trust Funds, 3 Years, Vote for 1

  • Sue Kurys, Democrat

Constable, 3 Years, Vote for 1

  • Michael Hayes, Democrat (incumbent)

Housing Authority, 5 Years, Vote for 1

  • Warren Johnson, Unenrolled (incumbent)

Parks & Recreation Commission, 3 Years, Vote for 1 – Contested Race

  • Cynthia S Esthimer, Democrat
  • Peter M Edwards, Unenrolled

Planning Board, 5 Years, Vote for 1

  • Gary B Trendel, Unenrolled (incumbent)

Planning Board, 2 Years, Vote for 1 – Contested Race

  • Michael McNamara, Unenrolled
  • Robert C Benson, Unenrolled

Planning Board, 1 Year, Vote for 1

  • Patrick Atwell, Democrat

School Committee, 3 Years, Vote for 1

  • Nancy M Richards-Cavanaugh, Unenrolled (incumbent)

Town Clerk, 3 Years, Vote for 1

  • Connor B Degan, Unenrolled (incumbent)

Town Moderator, 3 Years, Vote for 1

  • Thomas Garabedian, Republican (incumbent)

As we head into election season, eHop would like to remind our readers of our candidate endorsement policy. Candidates are welcome to email a headshot and candidate statement or a link to their campaign website/social media, which we will be happy to post to our website along with info about all the other candidates. Please send to

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