Town Election 2021 Candidate Update

Town Election 2021 Candidate Update

[Updated 4/7/21] Considering running for local office, but don’t know where to begin? Due to Covid there is an online process to request nomination papers this year.

To become a candidate a person must either obtain and submit nomination papers by securing the signatures of 50 Hopkinton registered voters by Tuesday, March 30, 2021; or a person may qualify by being the top vote-getter in one of the town political party caucuses. The Hopkinton Republican Town Committee Caucus will be Thursday, April 8 at 7:00 PM on Zoom (Meeting ID: 817 6941 4210, Passcode: 844886).  The Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee Caucus will be Friday, April 9 at 6:30 PM on Zoom (Meeting ID: 658 821 2188, Passcode: Marathon).  Nomination signature papers are available from the Town Clerk’s office starting January 19, 2021. Complete the application on the Town website at: Your nomination papers will be emailed to you as a PDF for you to print. Please email or call the Town Clerk’s office with questions at 508-497-9710. Click on the name of any elected office listed below to read more about it.

Office on the May 22, 2021 Ballot:

  • Board of Assessors (3 years, vote for 1)
    • Lesley A. Ficarri,  Democrat, Incumbent
  • Board of Health (3 years, vote for 1)
    • Michael King, Democrat, Incumbent – has notified eHop he intends to withdraw
    • Regina Miloslavsky, Democrat
  • Select Board (3 years, vote for 2)
    • Irfan Nasrullah, Democrat, Incumbent
    • Muriel Kramer, Democrat
  • Cemetery Commissioners (3 years, vote for 1)
    • Thomas Pratt, Democrat, Incumbent
  • Cemetery Commissioners (1 year, vote for 1)
    • Kyla McSweeney, Democrat
  • Constable (3 years, vote for 1)
    • Francis D’Urso, Democrat, Incumbent
  • Housing Authority (5 years, vote for 1)
    • John Morris, Democrat
  • Library Trustee (3 years, vote for 1)
    • Stanley Pulnik, Democrat, Incumbent
  • Parks & Recreation Commissioners (3 years, vote for 2)
    • Daniel Terry, Unenrolled, Incumbent
    • Margie Wiggin, Democrat – has notified eHop she intends to withdraw
    • Amy O’Donnell, Democrat
  • Planning Board (5 years, vote for 2)
    • David Paul, Unenrolled, Incumbent
    • Robert Benson Jr., Democrat, Incumbent
  • Planning Board (1 year unexpired term, vote for 1)
    • Francis DeYoung, Unenrolled, Incumbent
  • School Committee (3 years, vote for 2) – Contested Race
    • Colleen Malloy, Democrat – has notified the Town Clerk she intends to withdraw
    • Amanda Fargiano, Unenrolled, Incumbent
    • Margaret Tyler, Democrat, Incumbent
    • Jared Pray, Unenrolled
  • Commissioners of Trust Funds (3 years, vote for 1)
    • Melissa Hayes, Democrat

The steps for getting your name on the ballot are as follows:

  1. Complete the application on the Town website at:
  2. Your nomination papers will be emailed to you as a PDF for you to print.  Please inform us if you need any assistance.
  3. Collect physical signatures of at least fifty (50) registered voters in the Town of Hopkinton.
  4. Return signatures for certification to the Town Clerk on or before 5 PM on March 30th, 2021.
  5. If you are enrolled in a political party that has an active town committee you may also approach the committee for the party caucus nomination to the ballot.

As we head into election season, eHop would like to remind our readers of our candidate endorsement policy:

The primary mission of eHop is community education on funding and policy issues pertaining to the Town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts including the Hopkinton Public Schools. Hence, eHop will strive to provide voters with accurate and detailed information on candidates running for state and local office, with a focus on each candidate’s position on both town and school-related issues.

It is eHop policy not to endorse candidates for public office. eHop board members are at liberty, however, to endorse candidates independently.

When eHop collects information from candidates for voter education purposes, eHop may add editorial comments to clarify candidate claims or statements that eHop deems to be deceptive or misleading, or that require further explanation.

On our Blog/Website:

Any eHop Board Member running for elected office in a contested race will not write or edit any website posts regarding the office for which they are running, including but not limited to our annual Candidate Q&A.

On Facebook:

In addition, due to eHop policy not to endorse candidates for public office, any endorsements for specific candidates will be deleted from our Facebook page.

Candidates are welcome to email a candidate statement, photo and a link to their campaign website or social media, which we will be happy to post to our website along with info about all the other candidates. Please send to

Read our full policies and guidelines…

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